Banned for trying to play

Australia still wants a word with you for not bringing them up.

Oh ok sorry

Outside South Korea, the rest of the world lacks good internet

Apology accepted. 20 characters

I do accept that some other countries may have great internet. But you have not experienced internet in its purest form.

Extremely low latency

And you can substantiate this how?

I visited Korea a few years back.

Overwatch is not the same without it

But how can you say I’ve never experienced extremely low latency?

I dont understand what your question is

My question is what made you say I’ve never experienced extremely low latency?

Take a joke. Obviously, I don’t think you have a 2$ internet connection; do they even sell that? What in the world is with the literal breakdown over a comment that’s obviously jokey in nature?

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I’m sure they know you didn’t mean $2 literally. It didn’t seem jokey at all to me either. It seemed hostile. But that’s between you and the OP.

Ah, I see.

No, Im just using a common phrase. You have not tried BLANK until you use BLANK

That is not jokey that is being a Jerk that offers nothing constructive other than a immature poke that would do nothing other than provoke.

Hello Postal1982,

I wish to apologize for the inappropriate comments made by the other community members in this thread. They are rude and inappropriate. They also do not take into the account for the various problems that can go wrong with trying to connect to any online game. They may be frustrated with having leavers in their own Competitive matches, but that does not excuse the behavior they demonstrated in this thread.

For you though, I must implore that you understand that there can be disconnection problems that occur from your ISP to the game server. The internet is a big giant network and your connection goes through a variety of hubs before it reaches the game server. This is why your fiber optic internet connection doesn’t disconnect sometimes from services like Twitch or another game server. This can also be very frustrating to troubleshoot to what is going wrong. You can troubleshoot this through a procedure like a WinMTR test and if you need help you can post in the #technical-support forum for additional assistance from a forum MVP like me or Blizzard’s technical support.

Understand that penalties still apply regardless for the reason of the disconnection or technical issue. When you first encounter such an issue, you need to stop playing Competitive Play entirely and try to troubleshoot in less critical modes like Custom Game where penalties will not apply. You can learn about Blizzard’s policy about Competitive Penalties here.

I know this is not necessarily fixing the situation directly, but hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what to do when disconnections like this happens. Cheers.

If you want to think so, you do you then chachi

More serious reply, if it was a server issue, it wouldnt be isolated to just OP, 0% chance of that being the case.

OP’s ISP could be throttling him, that is an extremely common occurrence, or some sort of service error. Routing issues could cause packets of extreme latency, which is again on OP’s end, not blizzard’s.

I also recently found out that Verizon FiOS is acting up again (they have been a notoriously bad ISP for connecting to Blizzard games, especially in the northeast part of the United States).

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Thank you for this response. I have been with Overwatch since it launched. Like most I come back for the new season and hop on with my son to get his skins for events. I was not sure if I would come back this season as they have not done much to the game in a while. NEVER have I had any issues like this. When I mention streaming Twitch I am watching it not broadcasting if that makes any difference. But either way this game either works for me or it does not. It does not mean enough to me too start trouble shooting every link in the chain. If it had some great new thing that was meaningful to Ranked then maybe but at this point it feels like the game was put on life support till some unknown date and time. So thank you again for your thoughtful reply.

When you play COMPETITIVE play. You are EXPECTED to remain in the match because the system does NOT backfill for the match. Everyone has the equal expectation of a COMPETITIVE RANKED MODE, that 6 players on each side of the coin are to participate in the match and KNOW metas, how to play with groups, ult economy, how to play as a team, not feed and certainly not go Cliff Diving.

Playing on Bad connections and poor hardware is for NON RANKED modes. (although some want this changed). For the most part. Sorry to be the bad news here. But we all are expected to REMAIN in the match until all rounds are completed, and play. If this is not something you want to do. The game offers you alternatives for your situation, which is QUICKPLAY Classic in Arcade. It does not have penalties for leaving and it quickly backfills another player to take your place.

I would agree that Blizzard NEEDS a competitive WARNING SCREEN, so when people click to play it and that do not understand the game, see this. They can see that there is a higher level of responsibility in this mode.

Please explain to me how I said you can’t use words to communicate with each other. What in my post said that? I don’t see it, can you point it out to me, please?

You are saying that it is a certain issue, and I’m saying how can you know for sure when you aren’t that person and you haven’t talked to that person who is experiencing the issue?