Ban the smurfs. Ban 'em all


You can certainly report for this and I’ve never personally encountered it and I’ve played at all kinds of skill levels, just bad luck mate I wouldn’t give up over it.

Smurfs are definitely a problem, but that is an extreme case for sure.


By not capturing the objective and ensuring no one does so they can spawn camp the enemy team until the server closes the match. You my friend are an idiot.


Don’t ban accounts that give good games


Something really DOES need to be solved when it comes to Blizzard match making in accounts that are VERY low in playtime, into competitive games. I REALLY gave up on this game, and lost ALL respect for it. When they allow very LOW level accounts to que into Competitive play. I’d like to be with players in COMPETITIVE play that have ALOT of time on their account like I do. So that way I get a team mate that is there whom wants to IMPROVE their account status.

Not these new accounts that “p r a c t i c e”. DURING competitive play!

I know that for a person having to GRIND or power level up to 100 levels or even 200 levels would NOT be fun, before this mode unlocks. But the incentive is; That if the account has alot of time invested on it. That the person is NOT going to tilt n’ throw as quickly. Okay, I do see those level 300s that OCCASIONALLY do this. But not nearly as much as let’s say, a Lvl 80 or 65. (just a general discussion).

I played a TON of competitive matches over the last few seasons and the “smurff” issue is an EPIDEMIC that is ripping this community apart.

I really can NOT blame the smurff account because the person hands Blizzard MONEY and they expect equal treatment. BUT that comes down to a fine wire. Where game companies GENERALLY limit new accounts to what modes they can play for awhile.


Operation Gargamel. Let’s go


For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.


why wouldn’t you just leave? what’s another 50 sr down if you’re already bronze?


I’d rather ban all the mercy and sombra mains who permanently patrol these forums guarding their heroes from being changed and calling for nerfs/ and end to everything fun about the game


I don’t know if anyone said this yet, but a solution could just be to have the match draw if nobody caps it.


Smurfs bring in money; I don’t think a business would want to lose a huge chunk of profit.


Smurfs bring nothing positive to the game. The money argument is complete garbage. For every smurf player that pays, there are several who quit and leave because of them, so it is a loosing proposition.

It is a scourge on the community and there have been a HUGE number of threads about this topic with the majority stating that they want Blizzard to do something about it. To date blizzard has not done anything about it.

I have quit playing until something is done. I am tired of this. If a high school allowed pro players to join in their sports league just to stomp in that league they would be kicked out of all leagues and NEVER ALLOWED to play competitive sports again.

But Blizzard has taken the stance of “Smurfing – and I know this isn’t what you want to hear – isn’t really that big of an issue.” And they base this off the fact that smurfs gain level fast. But that is simply not true if they lose on purpose to stay at lower rank and then group up to help boost (which is almost always when I see smurfs). I have seen several smurfs in random games throwing on purpose to lower their SR and then later come flying back up and stomp everybody while in a six stack (probably getting paid by members of their group). Even some pro players have admitted to helping boost lower players for cash to help supplement their income.


I am somewhat tired of encountering smurfs in my games. You know it’s gone too far when you’ve lost so many games that you become the smurf in competitive games on the following day. So at the end of the day, “smurfs are everywhere.”


This community overwhelmingly supports and encourages smurfs-, alt accounts, whatever you want to call it.


Things they could easily do to get rid of Smurfing:

  • Change the level requirement from 25 to 100
  • Do something about playstation accounts being free
  • Account verification using phone number or something


Surprisingly nobody did. Tho someone was defending throwing and how they were playing (not playing the objective and just spawn camping) was not gameplay sabotage.


I was in a six stack for a bit, but about half had left by the time this match came up.


Smurfing is not inherently bannable, but throwing games in order to stay at low elo is, and already is bannable, however I don’t know what you expect from this post. Blizzard can and will ban people who are caught throwing, the problem is if enough people don’t report then they wont’ receive punishment. There is pretty much nothing else that can be done at that point, so making a forum post isn’t gonna help solve your problem.

If they get stomped at their true difficulty they wouldn’t stay there long. This is pretty much just cope and doesn’t make sense but I guess you’re frustrated so whatever works for you I guess.


Can you prove they’re smurfs? Doubt it.


You mean fraction?


Add an SMS authenticater per account. 'Tis what Steam does for anything Market related- and I’d like to see Comp be restricted in that manner.

Also: Take your 100th heart. <3