ATVI stocks drop after Bungie split - what this means for Overwatch


Activision-Blizzard stocks dropped sharply right after the announcement that Bungie is splitting from them, and taking the Destiny IP with it.

That’s no surprise.

But I see folks on reddit and here celebrating this as a good thing for Blizzard and Blizzard games like Overwatch.

Sure this maybe a good thing for Bungie (time will tell), but for Blizzard and Overwatch?

Remember when Destiny 2 under-performed in the eyes of Activision and they assured shareholders that they’ll increase microtransactions as a way to boost profit? Well, they can’t do that to Destiny 2 anymore; they don’t own Destiny 2 anymore.

Who do you think Activision will try to further monetize?


They’ll probably have mercy on Overwatch


It’s possible, if things continue headed this way, that ATVI may seek a buyer for a percentage of the company. Usually, this is done by equity firms (and this is never a good path, but yeah), or by another entertainment firm.

Yep… believe it or not… ATVI could end up being bought by a company like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Warner Bros., heck… even Ubisoft or Sony.

But again… things would have to continue going like this for another year or two. Especially if they continue seeing lesser revenue from King and a weak release (and first three quarters) of Diablo Mobile.

Worst case scenario is they get partially bought by a foreign company, as lots of things would change there.


Nothing Overwatch Immortal can’t fix.


I see what you did there.

It’s really on mobile titles to pick up the slack and be the real profit leaders it would seem. Hard to tell how profitable D:I will be, it all depends on if they successfully market the game to Chinese users.

Overwatch: Forever. They can’t have two mobile titles with too similar names.


Maybe Blizzard should split from Activision.


OWL. Next they will ask you to pay to watch semi finals and grand finals. Or maybe they require you to buy $15 skins to be able to watch grand final.


Goood Gooood, Maybe they can ask you to pay to watch OWL entirely, That way it will go away.


Not really an option, Activision and Blizzard are basically the same company at this point


My Xenophobia is kicking in. This really is the worst case scenario. It’s more fear than hate for the foreign company.


Well, i’m sure the management is quite desperate to look for a way to get their revenue back up.

There’s so many problems that happened recently, there’s cost cutting in internal spending, employees are paid to leave, the case about the employee that said he was harassed, CFOs are abandoning the ship (usually the finance guys are the ones who knows the best about the company condition), and now bungie is also leaving.

Its no wonder 2019 their stocks is still dropping fast.


Blizzard Activision NEVER owned Bungie. People gotta understand how business works.

They became Bungie’s publisher. Bungie always stayed their own company though. Activision was never in charge of anything to do with Destiny in regards to development. They were just managing the sales and distribution and servers.



Destiny was a massive disappointment who cares about them


If Blizz does not have the spine to leave or abondon their company, they will go down with activision. Blizz only has a few whales left that would stay no matter what, any attempt to gouge to save money and face would be the end of OW and maybe Blizz. People would not put up with it anymore, not after the last 2 years


What, you don’t have phones?

Blizzard needs to keep porting / dual supporting their games for console. There should be a StarCraft 3 for PC and Console. They should have crossplay for Diablo 3 for PC and Console to breathe new life to it… it’s not a competitive game anyway so who cares if your buddy is using a keyboard?

They should make a new game with the OverWatch IP… the MMO they originally thought of. Keep the FPS but now have a MMO or maybe just an RPG campaign.


Since October, Activision’s stock has dropped 44%.


Lol started around Blizzcon, coincidence?


Yes, but they’re leaving still negatively impacts the stocks of blizzard, like it or not.


Only if people think it does. That’s how stocks work.