ATVI stocks drop after Bungie split - what this means for Overwatch


Stock go up and down who cares.

The big thing is whether loot boxes are going to get banned legally that is the scary thing for investors right now


Companies that have been merged but weren’t a good fit can split. It isn’t as common and is messier than what happened with Bungie but it can happen.

Also, if Blizzard performs better and Activision does worse it’s possible that Blizzard will get more dominant in their relationship.


Support from the playerbase are important for their image and stocks.

But if the devs are continuing stunts like the current PTR patch for balancing i’m sure the playerbase will keep declining. Idk why the devs couldn’t even see this simple fact.

For example, players ask for shadow step rework. But the devs wont listen, instead buff his reapening to 50%. It doesnt solve reaper’s problem. If the devs wont listen, how can they expect the players to support them?


If you mean stuns as in making the game better. I don’t think that is correct cause a better game won’t make people play less or spend less money


Wow, you really are deep in it huh? You are literally the “this is fine” dog right now lol



We’ll see in time if this stunt really makes the game better. In my opinion it’ll only make it worse.
Because this patch is specifically targeted in removing goats before OWL starts, We should see from the stocks after OWL running for a few months.


dont see this being good for blizzard unless blizzard left. Now that would be amazing


Well, there are a lot of fans that go along with the greed of big publishers. So publishers continue to push microtransactions like paying 1 USD for a red dot, etc. I think it has to get far worse before it gets better. The fans of the games need to put their feet down and proclaim that it’s enough. Only then do I think things will turn for the better, but perhaps a few companies need to lose money first.


Mercy and Tank mains gather around. I have something important I need to tell you.

This is going to sting a little but you need to know the truth. Most of the player bases is DPS. Game and balance changes that hurt you are not the end of the world for overwatch when they benefit the core player base as a whole


Random and not applying to the conversation, yoou are desperately clinging at any type of attack now


What are you talking about.

The patch changes are GOOD for DPS players. That is most of the player base so not sure how you can say it a bad patch for the game.


You are so right… let me tell you another story though. Changes that are made for the top 1% of players may end up hurting the majority of the player base, DPS, Tanks, and Support alike. Didn’t Blizzard say that they were balancing the game for the top players at one time?


Did you forgotten mercy is a dive dps best friend?
Following your logic I should be happy tank meta is removed so maybe mercy is meta again, but currently i’m not happy because global tank nerf will be bad for the future of the game if it makes more tank players quit. Tanking is not an exciting job.


Funny enough the pro seem to still play GOATS on this patch, so the lazy blanket nerf did nothing for it’s “audience” and only negatively effects the other 95% of the audience.

I hope it explodes in their face and it’s still GOATS at OWL


They don’t armour is broken. It hurts some heroes too much and other not enough. Armour isn’t balanced anymore now that is being used as a counter to heroes. They reworked it to be more even for all the heros

DVA has the 6th highest pick rate in the whole game this nerf won’t hurt her that much.

Reaper is straight trash he needs a buff. He will probably still be straight trash after the buff


Well then supports are next namely AoE healing if Goats survives this. Better hold on to your butts for that


If devs want to make playing supports and tank a chore then we’re going call of duty style. Good luck getting a good comp when most of tanks & supports are switching main to dps.


Mmmmmm. Insidious. That’s actually really smart.


Blizzard has been developing another online competitive shooter for a while now.


Following activision’s policy of 1 new title/sequel per year, i see. Maybe it’s overwatch immortal. Or overwatch forever. Or overwatch neverending.