Asmongold has a point I think is relevant even to Overwatch

While I don’t agree with devs’ decisions on topics from time to time, I will take their decisions and knowledge of the game over forums’ any day regarding balance.

Throwing suggestions is one thing and easy when you don’t know what kind of impact they can do in the game as a whole. Most of them here come out of straight bias in attempt to buff heroes they one trick or nerf heroes they hate, caring less and knowing less about how the game works.

I will go with the decisions of a neutral party than of xXxheromainxXx’s.


finally someone with some sense! thank you thank you thank you!

the devs need to wake up from their slumber and go back to their origins of being recognized as the devs loved by the community (not talking about overwatch origins ofcourse)


I honestly believe that they need to have a AMA livestream to answer all of these questions and give us there thoughts on their decisions as well as why our suggestions are being ignored. Instead of that troll Christmas stream, lets do an AMA with all the devs…by the campfire.


Speak for yourself and the “mercy community”. I really like some of the changes blizzard has made, especially the balance changes. Although Doomfist was f tier for a year after release, blizz knew how oppressive he could get, and made the right decision in waiting for buffing him. Now that they DID give into the whines of the community, the same community wants his nerfed. Brig has been nerfed after every patch since release, and although she needs to be nerfed more, at least it shows blizzard knows they went wrong. Hanzo is finally in a good position after being f tier since release. Also, I enjoy watching OWL, and would gladly have “lackluster” events for it.

This post is based upon feelings and nothing else, move along folks.


i Needed this. Bad… :D.

oh god…

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lol sure m8


This is an interesting way of putting it, to say the least. But no matter what Blizzard does in regards of Mercy’s balance, people will hate it. Simple as that.

Blizzard could come up and say “We dont think she needs a revert” and people would still say they’re not being listened at because for some reason being catered to = being heard.

If Blizzard reverts her, the people who had issues with Mass Rez will hate them.
If Blizzard doesn’t reverts her the people who like Mass Rez will hate them. There’s no good way out of this.


I’m not onboard with the “us vs them” thing. Way I see it is OW is their game, they can do with it as they please. Where I fit within that is I can either like what they do, tolerate it or refuse to spend any more of my time on it.

If they reworked a hero I really loved to play e.g. Moira for whatever reason and I completely disagreed with it, my options are to either drop Moira or if I feel strongly enough about it, stop playing OW completely. I could make megathread after megathread but if that’s what they want to do and made the call to do so what good is my constant “feedback”? :man_shrugging:

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So you mean what the devs of Warframe do each week. They stream every week answering questions, and show upcoming changes like Fortuna.

That and they have separate streams for Prime Time and the console versions.


Said it once and i’ll say it again:
More developers need to take a leaf out of Digital Extreme’s book.

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I gues the forum shoud just be shut down.
Its just a place for crying f tier mains coming up with bias idees and no real points what so ever.

That’s why Angela, Sym, and Torb got Mercy-ed (shove the ultimate onto cool-down, and screw up the hero by doing so). The things that helped those heroes slow the pace of the game down (mass-rez, shield generator, and armor packs) were apparently not flashy enough for OWL, so they had to go.

And that was a big mistake. I look at football (American variety for anyone not from North America reading this). If the QBs are known for running plays, those 4 quarters take about 20 minutes real time to use up the 15 minutes game time. That whole game will be over in an hour and a half. If the QBs are passers, that game that started at 4 could be just about wrapping up around 7.

But the NFL doesn’t change the rules so that running QBs are the only way the game can be played. But the devs did that with this game for OWL. They got rid of hero abilities and ultimates that led to a slower more deliberate play-style in order to force a fast-pace onto the game to make it “exciting” for the viewers at home.

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Thank you!

And yes, thank you for the football analogy! I think that is a fantastic way of putting it that really highlights and puts Overwatch as an esport in comparison with Football as an established sport with a clearly significant viewership.

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Today in “Amazing ways to pick any sentence or argument and bring it back to Mercy”, the classic “This streamer said” and out of context manouvers to claim something that is not happening IS happening.

No seriously, its not the same case. Not at all.
Some people really need to move on and accept that screaming and spamming the forums is not going to make what they say actually true.

No, she is not in a bad spot and no, no one is being ignored.
Its a classic case of “if you say something, we dont like you. If you dont, its worse”.

Actually there is. Tracer, help me out here.

“The world could always use more heroes.”

Thanks, Lena, tell Emily I said “hi”.

Translation - give us 2 heroes. Mercy 1.0 before the rework but with a few tweaks (and listen to the feedback as to what those tweaks are, Jeffrey), and keep the thing we’ve got now.

Do the same with Sym and Torb while they’re at it. Boom! We’ll now have over 30 heroes and on the way to more.

This is conflating two separate issues.
A) The support changes which were extremely on point.
B) The fact that the Mercy rework was (and still is) not well received by the Mercy players.

I for example really liked the Lucio reworks. The smaller aura, the higher healing output in said aura, infinite wall riding, easier wall riding, etc. I stilldon’t like the fact that he is the only healer who can’t heal when hacked, but that is overall a minor issue. They even took into account the playbase discussions around the wall riding changes. I could list many things more, but Lucio dropped from being Mr S tier and is overall more enjoyable to play. Overall I feel Lucio’s changes over the years were a huge success.

I just can’t say the same things about other heroes. Mercy included.

Stop trying to make Mercy back into her OP state and 100% pick rate in OWL.

Healers are actually in a good spot now and its healthy for the game.

I do not appreciate having my desire of wanting Mercy to be in a good spot and fun me wanting her to be “OP” or a 100% pick rate in OWL.

In fact, statistics show that if anyone is at risk of being 100% pickrate right now, It’s Ana.


In terms of Mercy being OP, she is mathematically underperforming compared to other supports. Asking for a rework or revert or some sort of major change is fr from unfair.


All percentages is showing HOW MUCH THE HERO TO THE LEFT (row) DOES COMPARED TO MERCY. Areas that the opposing hero does MORE than Mercy will be marked by a (+) and areas the opposing hero does LESS than Mercy will be marked by a (-).



Moira ---------------(+) 1395%----(+) 1406%---------------(+) 1455%-------(+) 5.5%

Zenyatta -----------(+) 1027%----(+) 871%-----------------(+) 2108%-------(-) 53%

Bridgette^1 -------(+) 1072%----(+) 931%-----------------(+) 1379%-------(-) 45%

Lucio^2 -------------(+) 940%------(+) 949%-----------------(+) 1438%-------(-) 19%

Ana -----------------(+) 717%------(+) 608%-----------------(+) 954%---------(-) 16.5%

^1 [If you look into the Bridgette vs. Mercy analysis below, you actually can see mathematical backing for the concept that Bridgette contributes more to “team sustain” than Mercy through her armor generation and healing.]

^2 [Lucio may offer “only” 19% less healing than Mercy. But this isn’t taking into account his shield barrier in any capacity. I couldn’t find average damage shielded by Lucio so I left this out because I wanted to keep this as mathematically relevant as possible. I’m quite sure it’s non-trivial.]

Note: Table does NOT account for armor, shield, healing increase or other utility

I’ll cite my own thread where I did the math.

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Too bad that is all the devs do is listen, that is what made WoW so homogenized and boring, people complained about every class being OP and what not, same thing is happening in Overwatch…they listen TOO much and play the nerf/buff card so much your head spins.