Ask us about Workshop!

Hi All!

As we’re wrapping up the year, Dan and I wanted to check in with you guys and see if you had any questions about Workshop.

Curious how it works? How it came to be? The people behind it? Where it’s headed? We’re collecting questions and would love to hear yours!


Whats something you wish you could add to the workshop but you just couldn’t.


What’s the reason behind the creation of workshop? And why does it look/work like this?

How much of workshop was used to make the new mode FreezeThaw Elimination?


What has been the most unexpected way you’ve seen the workshop used?

Questions from Bilibili users (translated from Chinese)

  1. Adding an Action to change player(s) team
  2. Need Player value for certain hero stats such as Nanoed by Ana, Healing in Zen’s Ult
  3. Event for pet damage (Torb and Sym’s turret)
  4. Support for disable passive abilities, such as Hanzo’s double jump, climb as well as Sombra and Doomfist, etcetera

Can you increase the effect limit to 129


What are some of the Workshop modes that have surprised you the most?

EDIT: OOPS andy already asked this my bad!!


Can the workshop be commanded to do hero animations like trigger “Hello” waving or ability casting in the future?


Will there be an upgrade to the processing power with the arrival of Overwatch 2?(or in general)


I have a couple of questions;

  • What is your favorite game mode that best represents what the Workshop is intended for?

  • What is your favorite game mode that is totally wacky and outside of what you could have ever imagined?

  • What are your goals with the Workshop for the foreseeable future?

  • Do you have any regrets with features you’ve implemented?

Also; Thank you so much for all the awesome work on the Workshop! At least for me it has elevated Overwatch to a completely different level and I’m super excited for all the potential it has.


I know this is kind of an OW2 question so I’m fine if you can’t/won’t answer it but: will the new engine mean workshop actions become less taxing on the server, thereby letting us create more complicated modes?


Would there by any potential in having a featured Workshop mode?


My bet would be on stick bug


I realize anything relating to Overwatch 2 is kind of forbidden knowledge, but since you asked :grin: With Ow2 there will be a lot more PVE content. Are there plans to broaden the workshop to fit whatever missions and content that comes with ow2 as well?
And is there any specific area of the workshop you want to focus on improving the upcoming year?


Any funny stories about developing Workshop? Have you ever thought a feature would be easy to implement, then realized something made it much harder than expected?


When these features will be implemented to workshop?

  • Local variables for rules.
  • Pathfinding for dummy bots.
  • Ability to spawn coop bots and use their pathfinding in workshop. (for PVE workshop modes)

Also when OW2 release, how workshop will works? Everything will change? Will have some map editor?

Also an ability to use an programming language like in Lua, Javascript? I’m .NET developer i will feel thankful if you at leat add one programming language for advanced users.


Have you thought about settings to be able to make cinematics? for example:
Run emote, voice line, run play of the game animation, have a mode pose.

These are just a few examples that I am sure many content creators would like to see :heart_eyes:


How will Workshop work with OW2? Would Workshop receive a massive update alongside OW2’s release to be compatible with all the new talents, and have some features exclusive to OW2? Or will its format stay as is?

Edit: well dang ignore this i just saw a load of ow2-workshop related questions already


Were there any features that were surprisingly easy to add, like everything just fell into place?

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