Ashe Hit Registration

Has anyone else noticed that Ashe’s hit registration is a bit off?
It feels that often i should be hitting my target when im not, and others where i should not, i do.

That would be explained if the weapon has some kind of built-in spread, but i didnt have the time to test it.



I thought they fixed that, didn’t they?

doesnt seem to be fixed to me


Been noticing that even on console. It’s annoying as hell.

I have that problem aswell the times I played her, I do not have the best aim but with her sometimes I feel like I should be hitting some shots, something that doesn’t happen with other hitscans like Mccree or Widow.

Yep it is bug, It got fixed in the PTR

This description of the bug doesnt really fit with the issue I experience tho.
Maybe they mean the same thing, dont know, but it sounds like a seperate issue (which i havent noticed lol).


It actually is, it feel like ashe is shooting projectile, I tested it in the ptr and I can confirm that ashe scope is fixed.

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Honestly, sometimes I feel that hit registration doesn’t work properly while unscoped too.

Yeah i guess u can say it feels like a projectile sometimes. Lets hope what they fix is what needs addressing :smiley: thanks everyone

Ashe’s bullet when scoped in is like a giant rectangle instead of a pinpoint like Widowmaker’s.

I’ve been hit in the head when Ashe was clearly aiming above it, and I’ve made headshots that I shouldn’t have made while aiming the crosshair above the head of standing and crouching enemies.

Were you playing Ashe yourself?
For some reason, her head hitbox is massive.

That hat is stylish but she can’t live without it.

Yes. Video contains a swear right at the end of that clip but not much i can do about it

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It’s been off since the first day of the week she was on the PTR. So now we get to wait until they decide the PTR patch should be put on the actual live servers for it to be fixed

I honestly but, I’m playing Ashe in the recent hours. But, I can’t aim directly over the enemy team within a few meters longer, above and below aiming, and I’m targeting over headshots for aiming sight. But it was probably a hitscan. The crosshairs will provide to be useful.

I think the vertical portion of Ashe’s scoped bullet is way too tall.

When she first came out, yeah something was way way off, but now… either I’m used to its offness or its fixed. It seems like it’s a bit better now, but I can’t be sure.

they did, but it’s still on ptr and was somehow linked to the stuttering scope animation

Yep. I went from playing widow and getting about 5 kills in mystery heroes to playing Ashe and not being able to shoot anything when I swear my crosshair was on them.

Kephrii said Ashe’s weapon is actually a really fast projectile. I’m not sure but maybe it’s just not hitscan?