As a former apologist, I have lost hope

Yeah it does really imply (in the earning call) that things originally planned for “next year” will be pushed for much later. I don’t mind the game delay myself, but if Andy’s goal was to disrupt the rumour, nothing in what he said denies it either. If anything his wording could also imply it could come out even LATER :grimacing: (which i personally doubt is the case but yeah…)


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Thank you. At this point in time, I’m assuming TBA 2022 until proven otherwise.

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Not to say I told you all so. But I told you all this would happen. Between the lead dev abandoning ship, no teaser trailers, no new character announcements, no alpha, no beta it was pretty clear this was going to happen. At this rate it’s gonna be another anthem.

While I’m not going to dog on the devs, I gotta say transparency would go a long way to making this wait more bearable for all the fans.


I’m still personally assuming Q3/Q4 2022 or very early 2023. Honestly even if it was mid 2023, i’ll wait for it.


No one said anything about resources. Its about the living situation. Covid stopped or changed the way things have to be done and added a lot of delay to many things. And the controversy that they are going through is also resulting in management changes that create even more delays.

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It’s been one thing after another basically.


This is over at least for me it is really sad how this game when down.

Also addressing mistakes and big not-so-efficient decisions made in development because hey, we’re all human.

I’m mainly referring to the late decision to get rid of 2CP AFTER they already began designing 2CP maps and adding even more work on their plate when it comes to reworking existing maps.


Appreciate the effort you have been putting into the forums. I have made some negative posts about the news and I understand its hard for you to read through all the criticism. But I honestly wanted take a moment to say that your effort in these forums have not gone unnoticed by people and are genuinely helpful. Its nice knowing that we aren’t screaming into a void.

We know, we wait for 2025 for sure here.


Hey AndyB, Can you at least finalized for us what Geoff wants out of Sym for OW2 at least?

Geoff left us alot of questions unanswered and only came back with talking about Role Reworks for other heroes.

Can you find out if Sym is getting a role rework… So we can finally put that behind us…again?

(Blame Geoff for bringing it back up back around March.)

This can also mean 2024 xD


If they started putting out a development update every couple months, talking about changes they are making or new ideas they are experimenting with, it would help maintain some interest on the title. At this point I’m not confident they won’t scrap the whole project.


Of course I’m not a game developer but I will like to give you my pov on matter, I get there was (and there is still) a world pandemic so personally I had patience with the delays.

I played this game since the 1st day and I really loved it, but what I liked is that we had some significant content at least each year. a new map (not dm maps) , a new hero, and a new cinematic (personally my favourite content)

now the issue that add a lot to the bad mood is that we have

slow patch notes to balance the game , I don’t say every 2 weeks but at least monthly.

same heroes in meta while same are still in the wood tier

that’s what we need to make this wait more acceptable, I know it take a lot of time when is about coding a game… but we are here after 2 years of nothing

and last but not least the comp balance mm… had a game where there 4 different ranks together! bronze, silver, gold and plat!! not that happen often but that was both sad and funny to see


plz no

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Careful there mate, don’t wanna get hopes up for more 2022 speculation now lol

Even if its wrong to say 2023, I’d still prefer a later than needed assumed deadline than another uprising over another assumed delay. Unless you’re saying 2024 is more realistic in which case… Uhh… Crap.


Thank you for taking the time to help clear things up!


Hi Andy. If it’s okay with the rest of the Overwatch team, could we get some sort of roadmap?
Or at least hear about what you have planned for OW1 as it feels like it is on life support.



Or at least when role reworks are gonna be tested on PTR… and is Sym as a healer gonna be one of them…

(Because Geoff never dismissed that from around March.)