Arrge banned. Good job Blizzard

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Really, great job at actually investingating the reports you’re getting from players. Are you reading at least 1% of the reports? Or you just simply everyone who gets reported often?

https:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=eLeTaCAPpHM


…who?..explain maybe?

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Arrge is a high ranking (Maybe top 500 for all I know) Hanzo main who seems to be getting a lot of bans lately for picking Hanzo. (I don’t watch his videos too often but he seems to be pretty non-toxic from what I have seen)

As for OP it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that bans are automated.


I mean…does he only play Hanzo?

Can’t really speak too much for what else he plays but I’ve seen him play Widow too often enough, but he’s a Hanzo main so…

I mean…it isnt against the rules to do so but…I do say it’s best to learn a variety of characters…god I opened a can of worms

Yeah but the point is it isn’t against the rules and yet he’s getting banned for it.

Yeah.i hope that gms revert the suspension

Blizzard can not outright make one tricking against the rules. So instead, they’re letting their toxic community to self police.

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It is all based on number of reports they do not read reports and they just reply back to you when you will be unmuted unbanned if you appeal. I have been reported for going symm in spawn while I wait for team to pick so I can fill before. Even though we end up winning I play moria entire game and heal for 36% of teams dmg taken. Still got banned for gameplay sabotage or w/e. The ban system is abused very often by people as well. You can get reported for asking someone to switch for pressing x to say I need heals. It is just a way for blizzard to get people to buy more accounts that is all it is.

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I’ve watched his streams once in awhile. Can’t say he did anything to merit a suspension/ban. Then again, I don’t know the full story.

If he didn’t do anything, I’m sure his ban would be lifted. Unfortunately the Overwatch community consists of very spiteful people.


Wonder if they ever start to ban for the many many false reports…

Wraxu doesn’t get banned


To be fair, Wraxu is a bigger name, and he doesn’t play Hanzo as much as he used to.

Yea the report system is fully exploitable and goes with the amount of reports, bliz devs don’t care to invest money on making something better. Not something new.

They could just get one person manually review proven false bans and hand out season bans to people that are repetitively false reporting, so that everyone thinks twice before doing so.

I don’t understand how so many people can hate him simply for maining Hanzo, i mean, he just seems like such a nice guy who’s hardly ever toxic towatds other people, and it’s not like he one-tricks Hanzo either, he plays plenty of other heroes when he needs to.

People are always making jokes about how people who main Hanzo are Satan or just mentally disabled, but they don’t know what it’s like, they don’t the pain like that guy does.

People always say Hanzo’s are never in voice chat or never communicate with their team, just go watch any video or stream of his then ask yourself why that is.

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No, the issue is: if you one-trick a meta hero and suck balls - you’re fine. If you one-trick an off-meta hero and do great - you are banned.

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Welcome to the Overwatch community where if you’re not playing what’s meta then you’re a one trick, boosted, no skill scrub.

As for the topic while it sucks… I can’t really feel for him, since other pro/top500 do the same thing to one tricks/off meta picks which gets them banned.

Which is why the guy should do an appeal.

I’m sure the devs care but I’m willing to bet its more the man hours required to sift through this frankly trigger happy whiny communities complaints about everyone who picked Sym in their match.

They’d need an entirely new department, and I’m sure their budget isn’t up to them, and share holders don’t care about griefers or Sym mains so unless it begins to impact a bottom line I doubt they’ll be allowed to allocate a budget to it.

Best they can do is automate and filter out the wrongful bans.