Arrge banned. Good job Blizzard

They don’t read the reports. It’s blatantly obvious each player has a report count and if that player report count reaches player report count maximum then a punishment is issued.

There are no measures to prevent false positives from happening with this busted report system. I’ve been posting about how the report system is busted for ages, but noone believes me and just assume I am a thrower or troll who deserves to be banned.

Blizzard bring out chat logs from literally months ago to try and justify silences on your account.


I sympathize with everything you said except for the last line. Please, no CTs (conspiracy “theories”).

However…the report system needs an overhaul. For one thing, all reports should automatically send game replay data to Blizzard. These do not have to be large files; it could be like the Starcraft 2 replay system which just saves the data and then takes a few minutes to graphically recreate the game based on that data. That would significantly help with the he-said-she-said problem of the current reporting system.

Its fairly simple tbh. Sort out the people that have a high number of reports to offmeta meta mains. Compare this to the total amount of reports from the user.
If for example someone has 500 reports and 70% of them are to off-meta mains there is no doubt that he’s misusing the system.

It’s more toxic to one trick than it is to report said player for one tricking, you are meant to play a multitude of heroes.