Are diamond borders in low ranks a thing?

I think I saw a picture of diamond border with 5 starts in 600 sr once

You should write movie scripts, that a nice conspirationist level.

But nope, that’s not the reason.

How is this the answer to you? Not “people shouldn’t be toxic in a game for no reason” but “just don’t play the game then!”

Have you tried asking?

Im not quite that high in level i need like 300 more to get my plat boarder but I almost exclusively play qp. I have like 1k+ hours in qp and like 30 in ranked. I only point out things when people are toxic (like if someone is complaining about no dps/heals/tanking I put in my two cents on what I saw. Like as a support if my other support or tank goes “we lost bc no dps” but the tanks made little effort to make space for those dps I call it out. Or if dps complain about the tanks not going in bc we are constantly down 1 supp because no peel i point that out).

Overall i consider myself an average player which is silver-plat since that holds 50-75% of the player base as it should. Yet despite not playing ranked since like S20 people still try to rank shame me. Like I clearly don’t care my profile is open and if I did I would pay ranked more but I literally only play ranked for the golden weapons

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The hate mails are the only messages I don’t delete on PS4 - gotta save those for the lolz.

My personal favorite (though it was sent to my bf, not me :frowning:) was “get rekd scrub don’t even bother responding”

Good times.

I can identify. I’m gold border in bronze, older, with one account. Peaked at gold, mostly tanking, before role queue, then decided to learn to DPS and completely tanked my SR. Initially didn’t care but must have tilted eventually because I uninstalled. After coming back had to relearn the game.

The excuses I would cite are playing comp too casually, playing into losing streaks, solo Qing, I guess playing low tier heroes, but seriously, climbing (out of bronze) is quite a grind simply because the quality of the games is so patchy: many just aren’t worth playing unless you can hard carry, for the reasons everyone’s familiar with.

Yes. My friend have seen such.

Or some dont really care to do comp if they are gold+ borders with low rank.

I have a plat border level while mid-high plat in comp. I dont care enough to be in high rank in comp because in the end, its just digital numbers in a video game.

I dont really care to be “the best player in the world”.

If anything, i believe the higher rank you are the more toxic people seem to get


I think the border system is dumb as heck lol, but I don’t think hiding your level should be a thing only because it makes spotting cheaters and Smurf’s much easier, if you see a level 27 player in gold who is just absolutely insane it’s easier to see what’s going on.

People will find something to flame or bully others about no matter what. Take one thing away and they will find another; Hero choice, username, skin choice etc etc.

yes ofc, bc people dont always play ranked and mainly play casual with some ranked time, therefore leveling up mainly from arcade and qp. There are also people who while they do play ranked, dont play every day. This game has been out for a long time. portrait shaming is a thing and its really stupid considering, just like your level, your portrait has nothing to do with skill. People just want a reason to flame others honestly. I’m silver portrait and mainly got there bc im a casual and play a lot of qp. (:

Not everyone plays ranked. Get over it.

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Yeah I mean if they just play QP and Arcade, thats ok.
But seeing people with A LOT of hours in competitive hard stuck for so long speaks volumes … and not only about the player, but the game itself.


If they don’t play ranked then they would be unranked and wouldn’t be low ranked.

You can spend alot of time doing something for fun and not want to improve.
I.e… People paint for fun as a way to relax. Is every painter trying to be Picasso? No. They’re just expressing themselves and having a good time. You really going go barge into an old ladies home and ask why she isn’t a famous painter after so many years of painting?
Another example for me is that I use to play alot of Mario Kart with my dad growing up, it was our favorite game to play together. Even after spending probably hundreds of hours, we still drove off the map at times and so on but we just laugh about it.
Just because a game has a ranked mode, doesnt mean the only way to play it is with a ranked-mindset. :woman_shrugging:


Idc what people say about my border/rank/skill w/e…I already know I suck that doesn’t stop me from playing or become a snowflake and cry in the corner. Who the hell cares what some jerk(s) say to you. Everyone has different skills that doesn’t make you a bad player but making fun people on their skill makes them a bad person.


Or maybe it’s legit just not something they’re thinking of at all? Like, it’s a solution that doesn’t impact gameplay at all, and it’s not replacing something that’s highly hated (like the previous career profile layout)

game is five years old, people need to grow up about borders, not everyone buys alt accounts.


Can confirm border shaming is a thing. I’m a gold border, single account in Plat/Diamond. I’m a causal player that only plays Comp to finish placements every season, not to specifically rank up, and the games I play in people in comms sometimes just assume they’ve lost or throw when they see I’m a gold border in such a low rank.
The funny thing is I’m not a horrendous, terrible player, I still peform well enough and carry my weight for where I’m at, but people assume a lot based on the border.

You have to remember that people level up no matter what mode they play, a lot of people main QP/Arcade and only play competitive once in a while. They’ve said they are changing the border system in OW2, which I am looking forward to. “Levels” in this game mean absolutely nothing.