Are diamond borders in low ranks a thing?

Is this actually a thing or is this just a myth? I’ve heard people making jokes about “oh wow look at this diamond border bronze or silver player. But I have no confirmation that this is actually a common thing. I’m genuinely just curious.

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It’s common for people with gold+ border in low ranks. They want to hide it.

yea me

i get flamed tons for it. i love overwatch ive been playing it since 2016 so my “game” rank is freaking high i think i have over 2000 hours. yea its toxic when i play competitive im just an average player but i like comp because you dont have leavers and people actually try a little compared to quick play. i’m an older guy (45) so i dont really have the reflexes for fps games like i use too :smile:

dont really care about my rank but it does hurt sometimes when people are like “wtf your a diamond border in gold wtf is wrong with you.” but im like well i’ve only paid once for the game and havnt bought multiple accounts just to try and rest my mmr. dont care that much lol. what a waste of money if you do that in my opinion

why give blizzard more money?


Yes. A friend of mine who’s in bronze has incountered a few. It sad to see but not a lot of people care about their rank and just play to honestly have fun.


It’s funny how easy it would be for blizz to remove this part of toxicity by having an option to just hide your level, but I guess it’s much more profitable to delay it for OW2 to boost sales.

Using toxicity for money, activision style.


You’re bravery :slight_smile: #Ourhero.

I’d be there too prob if I didn’t stop playing comp and give a middle finger.

Screw that game mode. I don’t need more stress in my life.

Treeboydave : 10000 hour in game, bronze level.

Met another guy, 3113 hours ingame, silver tank, bronze dps, gold support (but barrely, 2005).

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Why wouldn’t it be a thing? I’m sure there are some. People need to realize that it doesn’t matter how much you play the game, you will hit your own personal max skill at some point.

There are also people who play this game to have fun. This game isn’t all about trying to get as good and as high rank as you can. Most people just want to play and have fun with zero stress.


yep made a smurf time ago, met plenty. Diamond is rare (cuz that border is rare in general) but gold/plat extremely common.

You don’t need to play tryhard all the time, but 400+ hours ingame you should naturally have learnt many things about positionning, heroes attacks, rollouts etc. It’s called experience. So many time it seems like people just turn off their brains and refuse to learn.
It’s a game, meaning there are rules, pawns and a goal you should reach. That’s the purpose of every game : win and have fun. More : this is a team game, you can have fun and not trying to win in a solo mode, but in team mode, you need to win, unless you’re a 6 stack just not wanting to win. Refusing to help the team to win is called throwing.

Diamond borders are rare to begin with, so its not really a shock you haven’t seen it a ton.

But low ranked high level players certainly do exist because there’s more to ranking up than just mindlessly throwing a ton of hours in the game. You need the time and drive to invest into actually improving, and a lot of people juat don’t have that. Instead, they just play a game for fun and whatever happens, happens. I know, the degeneracy.


Oh come on, are you guys seriously so embarrased by every single thing on your profile that you want private profiles AND private levels? Like dang.

I hate private profiles because I want to see what my teammates play so I can pick something that goes well with their mains. I don’t care if you have 3000 hours on Mercy, I will just pick Echo or Pharah to help you out.

It’s a team game and you shouldn’t be able to hide everything from your team.

Gotta admit, it’s a little ironic that its someone hiding behind an alt account that’s saying how bad people are for not being ablento handle direct criticism.


I trust no one.

I’ve gotten freakin voice mail hate messages through PS4 playing qp mercy.

Wanna bet?

Respect privacy.

“Should”? Maybe… Still doesn’t mean everyone will pickup the game equally.

There are people who just aren’t that good at FPS games. I have some friends with silver border but are high bronze/low silver. They literally get melted by the same Symm turrets several times over before realizing it. They still have fun playing the game though.

This can be applied to real life. Someone could have 400+ hours in a math class and just not understand how algebra works. 400+ hours in art and still not be able to draw anything other than a stick figure. Some people just suck at some things but really good at other things.


I am sorry that happened. I don’t have a PS so I’m not sure, but can’t you block messages from strangers? I want to know my teammates.

I won’t because I get three times the love mail. :heart:… but still, ya know… respect people’s privacy.


How is your level on a video game your privacy? It isn’t your social security. Plus, you are saying it yourself, it’s just some people. Your rank in a ranked game isn’t privacy.

This place alone is enough to want privacy… lmao.

You know rank shaming exists.

That’s why. Enough said.
If rank shaming didn’t exist suuuuuuure. But it does so…

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But that’s the thing.

You can do the exact same thing by just waiting for them to pick their mains. Picking based on their profile just means you’re making assumptions on what they actually want to do. If you simply let them choose their own hero, they get to play who they want while you can still pick around their choice. Both people win.

Ah yes, you conveniently constantly rotate accounts so you never hit a high level and therefor feel justified in looking down on others for having a high level.

Aren’t you just delightful?

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