Are content creators more important than players?

I note this isn’t a denial


Instead of a community of content creators who aggregate and transform because they’re good at it.

They’re not officially employees though. They just happen to have picked a job that feeds off the content Blizzard creates. I’m not asking for disdain, I’m seeing inequality and preferential treatment of people simply because it benefits the company. I understand it and honestly don’t expect it to stop, but saying it out loud is important as well.


Of course. It’s much easier to bribe people into telling everyone how awesome things are instead of convincing the masses themselves.


this has to do with pipeline and again the fact that streaming is a different kind of monster, a lot of ccs should probably drop OW as a game for good, they haven’t because their audience leaves if they switch games so, for good or for bad they are tied with this franchise, some are able to venture into other games and be succesful some just don’t dare make the switch

but giving them the info about the game helps them in keeping up because they know what their audience want and they know that if they stay put they’ll reap profit soon-ish, it’s not all smoke and mirrors as we think but for them it’s far more important to be sure that content WILL come, for us is just another game to throw in the trash bin eventually

then don’t ask blizz to stop, ask your company to do better for you and your coleagues

… I believe you have missed the point again. My problem is with the preferential treatment and cyclic reasoning being given here. My job is fine, thanks. Fiber optics are going nowhere soon and a few large projects spanning the globe at the moment pretty much guarantee my continued and well compensated employement for the near future at least.

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What is that to any other player? Why should any other player care about that? I don’t mean to sound callous, but you aren’t coming to my job to buy the products I make just to help me out either. Why would you? I’m just some random person to you, just like you are to me.

And this entire calculation is surely a little different when there is a 2 year content drought and players are eating each other alive. That’s got to qualify as a special circumstance worthy of a bit more consideration than the usual content rollout.


there is no preferential treatment though, this is a relationship that benefits both partners in more than one way and here you are, a third wheel saying: but me? when you know very well that we are just consumers, what would blizz gain from letting us know all that stuff? giving us hope? that’ll only last a week at best and then we’ll be complaining that it hasn’t arrived until it actually does

Yes? Fix some of that dying hype the game has, let the audience know that there is actually stuff happening and not just a bunch of hot air. Honestly what kind of argument is this, “dont let the players know or they will actually care”.


What player is interested in investing their time into a game that treats them like a “third wheel”? In what universe is that an acceptable way to define 99.99999999% of your players?


Back in my day, a game got successful because it was well made. Trying to put all your effort into hyping a dying horse really screams of misplaced priorities.


no you won’t care, you’ll complain about stuff until it arrives and when it finally does you’ll buy it whether you had hope for it or not

then don’t invest time in it, when OW2 releases you’ll buy it anyway, no matter how blizz messes up, you’ll be there cuz let’s be honest you’re here right now arguing about the game because you want it to succeed so… what’s the point of treating us better if we’ll be there anyway?

Just because both parties in the transaction benefit does not mean that this is fair to everyone with a stake in the game. As a customer, my decisions to continue playing or not or invest time in unlocking something I may want to have use out of later are just as valid a reason to keep me informed.

yes… But me. the customer. The one who essentially decides if a game is good or not.

perhaps a modicum of goodwill? Excitement about the game we are all being TOLD to be hyped about but have very little reason to be? Investment in the future success of OW2?

Then perhaps we need more regular communication of everything because this 2 years of radio silence are just killing the community that used to love living the IP and game.

I can appreciate what the community managers are doing (you guys are working very hard! Thank you) and I can SEE what the company is trying to do. But they’re missing a gigantic elephant standing in this room : The release and development of OW2 have cost an enormous amount of community goodwill and it crumbles by the day. At the going rate when OW2 releases it’s basically going to need to succeed solely on it’s own merits with NO benefits that being a sequel usually brings. If this is what “re-defining a sequel” means… … no thanks.


… are you OK? Blink twice if someone is threatening you.

Do you… understand what you just said?


and I agree, that’s what I’ve been saying, they need to be better at communicating but not about spilling ALL the beans, we need development blogs with actual information sure, we don’t need the release date or specifics about every hero toenail color

what goodwill are you talking about? do you think that if people actually hated the game they would keep coming back? it is incredibly naive to think that we hold this game up by goodwill, we (and I can only speak for myself) hold this game up by playing it and for me it doesn’t take goodwill, I play it because I like it and after 6 years I haven’t gotten bored, can’t say the same for everyone of course but the people who play are simply hooked and we will enjoy OW2 as much or even more

then what is the point of asking for anything? you know for a FACT that they won’t change their ways, we won’t get the release date for the game until they’re ready to divulge it and that could be a year from now, your “goodwill” will break so might as well just drop it right now but…

… mark my words, you’ll buy OW2 when it releases, with or without goodwill

I mean maybe you will but I actually care.


Isn’t the celebrity/rockstar mindset on display here the exact cause for the behavior that led to the current lawsuits the company is facing?

If anything you all should be trying to avoid that type of mentality at all costs. How does pedestalizing CCs achieve that?


Right now we don’t even know if people HAVE TOES. Agreed?

I’m not sure if you were around , but this game USED to have a large fanatical following. People mostly accepted everything because it was OW and we loved it. The prevailing attitudes have greatly changed. There is a huge contingent of people who are simply here in the forums to neg, they don’t even play the game.

I still enjoy the game. I still find it fun occasionally but it’s hard to be EXCITED about it or news being released.

Not really. It’s not like they have a commandment from god that they cannot ever change business practices.

I honestly don’t care about a solid release date, but we have very little information past what was released in sparse amounts at the past 2 blizzcons.

that’s pretty pessimistic.

My personal circumstances being what they are, it’s very likely. It’s probably going to be well within my entertainment budget and I have quite a few skins and other things attached to the OW franchise that encourage me to continue playing.

However none of this is a reason to STOP ASKING FOR A COMPANY TO DO BETTER BY IT’S CUSTOMERS.


Letting CC have as much input is like letting the best Guitar Hero player write music for the top recording artist.


Hey, one question, will you guys ever reveal the NDA anytime soon?

honestly i feel lke they are as Tracer used to be feared these days she isnt feared anymore unless your a squishy type character but getting a group of them near eachother doesnt happen often