Are content creators more important than players?

The financial success of the game (and to lesser extent the company since obviously Activision/Blizzard has other revenue sources) DOES hinge on the average player enjoying the game, and having something to look forward to.

“You’ll EVENTUALLY see the content” isn’t enough after literal YEARS of next to zero content, and many more YEARS on top of that of HORRIBLE HORRIBLE balance, map design and character design decisions. People absolutely have a right to be upset. We’ve given the benefit of the doubt for LITERAL YEARS, and it’s very frustrating having our favorite game feel like its being killed by horrible decisions and us having literally ZERO input on anything that happens.


I read it all I just needed to comment on this part, you’re not asking them to do better by its customers you’re asking them to do worse for their ccs

I wanted to drop a note to say that I appreciate the conversation we’ve been having here. It’s an important one, and I think has been long overdue here on the forums.

I have been reading and processing all of your thoughts here. I understand the frustration some folks have expressed, and do sincerely appreciate the passion and dedication to this game and community. The fact that you care enough about the world we’ve built together to share your feelings with us is always a reminder that, ultimately, we all want the same thing.


I personally don’t care about content developers or their jobs.

The complaint is that blizzard treats them
Special and it’s honestly bs when they say that they value our inputs equally.


Giving large content creators day 1 beta access wasn’t enough?

It’s been obvious for many many years that the general community are bottom of the barrel nobodies.

Anyone with a large audience is treated much differently than your random person. In punishment, in priority, in general life.


Thank you helicopter moms and participation trophies. Welcome to the real world you aren’t special or important until you prove otherwise. Until then you are just a dude that spent $20 on a game.

We are asking (as far as I can tell) for SOME information or at least to not have non-blizzard employees give us knowing looks and going "oh it’s gonna be GREAT! You’ll love this! " for weeks at a time when we have been information starved for months.

When you have a healthy and mostly positive community to tease and manage, it’s all well and good to coddle the CC and grind that hype machine. But this community is more like a car you left in storage for 2 years at this point. The whole thing needs love before you start driving it around and brapping the pipes.


At this point I’m sure they have to be trolling.

I don’t see anything wrong with the way you did things in regards to the content creator call. I know that the general sentiment was to hype the playerbase (and it did for me), but instead it brought out even more frustration/impatience, which is on US (speaking for the forum community) and not Blizzard or the content creators. I really think that the majority of players who are also plugged into the forums here, reddit, etc… should be able to put 2 and 2 together that there are imminent Overwatch 2 plans… even if we do not get to be privy to them YET.

Honestly, as long as the forum sentiment that we’re being overlooked in favor of content creators and it doesn’t affect the bottom line or the desired long term reception to the sequel (or even news thereof) then I wouldn’t change this approach. After all, how long will we realistically be getting these kinds of teasers ala that content creator call? Eventually we’re getting the sequel, right guys?!

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You do see how Mike’s tweet again leads us to believe something that didn’t happen, he had to backpedal on twitter about overwatch news coming soon. ah yes, that word again.

I appreciate you coming by to post. :+1: :smiley:

I think the whole Content Creator thing can be good and really bad at the same time. If someone runs out and makes a channel and it goes crazy over night. That can be someone with a whole LOTTA pull and can sway the development of a game. IN a good or bad direction.

Ultimately you are the company that makes the game and we all give feedback here as to what makes Overwatch feel 'good" or really bad to play.

When I look at Overwatch. I look at my Past life in WOW, at that time being a Guild leader. I might have not been a Top Realm guild leader. but It was always the same universal struggle we all had in World of Warcraft. As we do here. Keeping people happy, and keeping player interest in the game.

As I look at the SPEED RUNNING community. They have tight standards, because the games were released DECADES ago and they are NOT constantly being re-patched.

Look at Super Mario World. The first break-out video game for Consoles. A solid 4:54:948 (today). That is from a game that is NOT being re-patched 20 billion times.

If we look at Overwatch on Launch date. I think we could actually STILL play it today, the same way it was launched. Without extra changes, and I think the community would have grown INTO those constraints and played around them.

I also realize that we are playing games where we are fighting ONE another. SO there has to be ADJUSTMENTS.

What makes players mad, ultimately that it is having to re-learn MUSCLE memory. We are using our brains at exponential rates to accomplish virtual combat and when something is ‘balanced’ such as an ability we play over and over AGAIN for hours and hours again, and then have it COMPLETELY changed in timing. Is frustrating.

If I took an approach to any game in democracy. The only thing that would MAKE sense and have a fair approach is Increasing or DECREASING player’s damage output. VS their health bars and timings. Otherwise it just makes people MAD. They JUST learned quite a bit about their class’s timings and then it FULLY changes!

Right now, there is something MORE that is looming, and that is YOUR MATCH MAKER. If the Overwatch Dev team does NOT tackle this headon. This game is FINISHED. DONE.

I can tell you as a FORMER WoW guild leader. People REFUSED to play PVP battlegrounds because they felt like UNFAIR 1-sided matches. It didn’t matter if a person was playing HORDE or ALLIANCE. If a person Q’d into a match SOLO, it was them Facing the opposite faction which was a FULL-on PvP guild stacked up as a full team, with that team being in VENTRILLO and they were PREMADE, so they had the power of social familiarity and conformed group practice. So they were familiar with One another’s weaknesses. While Solo Q players got rick-rolled.

That is the same for Overwatch. You ALL know as well as I do. There is absolutely NO mathematical way to perfectly calculate into an algorithm a Premade team vs a Pug team and have it somehow work out very well.

Until that KEY aspect of the Game is tackled head-on and FIXED in Overwatch. The match quality is going to continue to decline. It will NOT help the situation until the Dev team decides to split up the two. (Premades and Solos) I get it, this game wants people to play constantly with one another. But there are so many players that fly Solo, including myself. That our experiences will always be WORSE than Premade teams.

I cannot begin to stress this, that since The Burning Crusade and hardcore PvP implementation that any time Blizzard takes the opinion of the top 1%, whether it was ARENA in WoW, or Overwatch League. It has NEVER brought the community together, and the more it becomes competitive. the more we are HOSTILE towards one another.

If my PvP guild friends and I could figure out how to shut down an Alliance Auction house in a capitol city in WoW, enough to get attention and get booted from the Server. i can certainly see a trend enough here, that is very obvious, and it needs absolute priority within the coming month.

Thank you!

Much respect to you!


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Yeeeeah, I’m being honest here and say part of what’s most irritating about this is many of the same content creators who have built their brand over the last few months trashing Blizzard publicly, quitting streaming Overwatch publicly multiple times, sometimes for months on end, and doing things that an ordinary player would be banned from the forums or lose their account for…

…got rewarded for their bad behavior, while other content creators who didn’t do these things were passed over. Being locked out isn’t fun but understandable if the guys and gals who were let in had reputations as decent, positive spokesmen for the brand, but they were passed over too, in favor of howler monkeys and their friends.


Interesting response, I must admit.

Well said. I agree this is everybody, honestly, but that is because we r not perfect. We r all just humans, so we r bound to make mistakes, but we can learn from em.

It is an interesting topic, what is being discussed here. I cannot say that everybody is on the same page, but to at least talk about it and see the different sides of the conversation and understand y things r thought the way they r, it can be some helpful information to gather, but also can hopefully help reach a state of stability and understanding amongst one another.

My thoughts on the matter? I see importance of both, content creators and us, the community, as a whole. Content creators help people reach an understanding on y the game is busted, and rly can be the word of the community sometimes, help identify what goes right and what goes wrong, all the while also being a solid form of entertainment, to watch the gamer’s stream. Content creators can be people that others look up to sometimes, so to point out what the content creator’s think and adjust based on their thoughts helps the community a bit.

But, then we get the legit community, which we r practically the voices of the game. We can identify if something’s right or wrong, but we normally tend to do it vaguely in this community, sadly. We can also bring up some interesting questions and maybe pop up solutions and such to help improve the game further. We play the game, and we wish it to be a good game for all of us to enjoy. Well, some to a selfish extent, but that is where reasoning can kick in here. We would all want it to b a good game that we all enjoy, I’m sure of it. So, if something’s wrong, our reactions showcase just that: Something is not right. But if we like something, again, our reactions kick in and showcase that we liked what we saw.

So to put it simply, we r all voices, Content Creators, and us, the Community, but we r different forms of voices. Voices that r shown in different ways. Voices meant to help improve the game at times. Even when frustrated, if u can look beyond the frustration, it can still be of some help. I believe that we can still have things b improved upon amongst ourselves, and things in the game that can require some help, like Bastion and Sym. (Bastion getting that help in OW2, but still nothing of Symmetra, still leaves me curious tbh.) I believe things will b better, in time. And yes, I believe both r important, but important for different reasonings. The reasonings that r meant to help improve the game. But, for everybody, whether it’s those at Blizz, Content Creators or us the Community, r disjointed amongst ourselves, when it comes to our ways of thinking and understanding. I know all 3 r important, but for the importance that u all r, we would have to connect and understand each other’s thoughts, to hopefully reach an answer that can help make things better.

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you’re being very sus.

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Another thing I want to point out on my own behalf is that while I am creating video content for another game in development, I don’t consider myself actively creating content for Overwatch directly. With maybe the exception of balance change comparison videos, I rather use my own skills to generate support for everyone in the Overwatch community. This includes helping with tech issues, maintaining the dev post directory, helping with streaming reward drops and OWL token drops, etc.

I would also like to remind everyone, that forum MVPs which includes me are not representatives of Blizzard. You all can learn more about the MVP program in the link below. I have my own voice and my own opinions, but I tend to keep a wide-open understanding of the desires of the Overwatch Community Team and the Overwatch Development Team. There are parts that I don’t agree with in terms of the overall design philosophy of Overwatch, and right now I haven’t been playing much because there hasn’t been too much to engage with in the game myself. That’s okay because I have faith more fun things are coming for Overwatch in the near future (and I say that with absolutely no insight to what the future really holds).

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Basic business.

Companies generally don’t reveal game information early as it can influence stock prices.

Hence the NDA and only for content creators. :upside_down_face:

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I am in a management/leadership/vision setting position at a much larger company than Activision Blizzard and I don’t really accept this as an explanation

being blunt: it’s a video game


To answer your question, yes, yes they are. They help sell the game, you contribute what, a few dozen USD towards it on average?

U want me to play the game myself or watch someone else playing the game that I have instead ??
Most of their content is basic .
Educational OW content is very few among them , and it’s already there shared on YouTube.
There is nothing special or encouraging to watch someone else playing the same game , same modes available for u .
The only exception is OWL .
I don’t care about numbers of views on Twitch of any game .
Unless ur not a new player , there is no need to watch someone else ; just login and play the game by urself .


I think these content creators is more important of casual players , in my opinion, most of us bought the game, I don’t know how much they hide that relevant information and only give it to a privileged group, it’s like a discrimination