Arbitrary and random Locks

So my problem is as followed:

I swapped my ISP to finally enjoy some 500+ mbit gaming, two weeks later I was having problems, probably caused by this.

The problem is that I get arbitrarily “security-locked” out of my accounts every friday (exactly every friday) Sometimes its that all of my accounts I logged on will get their passwords reset, one or two get banned or a combination of those (in total there have been 7 locked accounts of which I could only unlock 5 by the support)

Obviously I tried the “automatic unlocker” that prompts me with an email but it just says that it unlocked my account while in reality it didn’t.

I tried changing the password aswell as told by the email that followed the “security-lock” and? nothing…
I have to write ticket after ticket to get my accounts unlocked and I additionally made a ticket to ask why im in this limbo of “Account password reset/locked → ticket → be lucky to get it unlocked” (it has been answered with a long answer basically stating I have to add the blizzard authenticator… more on this below.)

Dont judge me for having many accounts, but the recommendation of “put an authenticator on it” is not realistic with the amount of accounts I own. Why cant the feature learn that I am on a new ISP?
My “main” account (My oldest blizzard account) has a Blizzard authenticator connected to it since 2 years, because I play other games on it outside of overwatch. It has been locked too for the same reason :unamused:
So apparently an Authenticator does not prevent these automated locks.
I am 100% positive that not a single person outside of myself has logged on to any of my accounts, especially not on my main account that has a physical 2-factor barrier in place to prevent an actual security breach.

Its getting annoying, please let people turn off this feature of “security” or help me solve my special case since I havent found any problem related to mine on any forum. Only one which sounded similar but is old and still has no solution to it.

The problem persists for 5 weeks now.
I had no problems before with my previous ISP.

Are you using a VPN? is your IP changing every Friday? That could be the cause for looking like you’re logging in from a new location, which would lock the account.

I do not use any kind of VPN and I didn’t really check if my IP does change every friday, so im unsure. Is there any solution to the problem if my IP does in fact change every friday? Cause i can’t really keep writing tickets every week, it’s a hassle for me and the poor person handling my ticket.

Probably not, because it will continue to look like you’re logging in from a new location every week, and it’s an automated system to protect the account. This is why 2FA is suggested as a solution, since it would ask for the code (most likely) instead of locking you out.

But one of my accounts had the 2FA connected? It had the authenticator connected and got banned anyways.

But you were probably switching IPs every week? That might cause it to get flagged for account sharing. I’m not positive as I am not a developer and don’t know the intimate details of how they curb that behavior.

Where you are located country-wise? And what’s your ISP?

My ISP is “Deutsche Glasfaser Holding” and i live in germany, pretty central (Hesse, to be a bit more exact)

After looking for info on their IP practices, I’m still not sure. You could ask them. Additionally, you could try a site like to check it on Thursday and then again on Friday.

Hey, kiwi here, this is my main. Its been unlocked but 2 other of my accounts got locked afterwards.
I am currently trying 2 things to potentially fix this:

  1. Using ipv4 only.
    My router (a fritzbox) had an option enabled which made it incapable of ipv4 and ipv6 capable, ive swapped the option to do the opposite (ipv4 seems more static)

  2. using a dynDNS service.
    In case my ipv4 changes, ill have a dyndns assign me the same one constantly

Ill report results when i find something out.

Okay, looking forward to the update.

Heres an early update since 2 of my accounts got re-locked: Both of them got permanently banned apparently. I do NOT know why but I have received those bans since the first “ban” email i got was actually just a LOCK email like those kind of security locks I have been describing. Is blizzard now banning all of my accounts for a reason I am not in control of? Also why did the email I received (on my main account, this one) say that my “Overwatch-account” was permanently banned??? I cant even log into my blizz on the 2 named accounts!!!

Did you submit an appeal about the issue already? If not, go ahead and do that and link this thread along with your explanation.

Hi, Seagu again, first update: Seagu and K I W I ! got locked once again… (note: friday)
the solutions did NOT work, my IPv4 has NOT changed, and my location did not change too.

Update number 2: I have appealed the 2 accounts I have got banned permanently prior to this post and they have said It’s not allowed to share, distribute or sell blizzard accounts, which I obviously knew. The accounts will stay banned, which makes me a bit sad… I haven’t done anything of that kind and I can put my hand into fire for that one. Even if I did, why is this issue persisting for 6 weeks…

My solutions have sadly not worked…
Update number 3 tho:
I have found someone else who has the EXACT SAME issue but he lives in czechia and has a different ISP. He had been able to resolve the issue easily through live support while I couldnt use live support at all. Both US and EU have been grayed out in their said work-hours. I tried different browsers etc.

I really wish blizzard can help me out here instead of telling me to put on an authenticator and accusing me of account sharing/selling all the time… (which I still don’t do, I wouldnt be here crying out about this issue if i knew the cause…)

Update on the Ticket I wrote them linking this thread:
I’ve been ignored. Once again.
The thing I wrote to them is this:

"Hey I still have that Issue going on with my accounts being banned constantly…
Please read this thread for a IN DEPTH explanation to what is happening.

please dont just tell me to put on an authenticator in a bot-sent message… My main account which has an authenticator on it is also locked… it doesnt help.

read through the article and try to help me"

And this is the reply I got, which is not very helpful:


This is GM {gm}.

We cannot go into details regarding how an account would be considered in peril and locked for safety reason.

There are a lot of factors that would affect the review, such as mismatching account country information, usage of VPN (which is not a supported connection form), unsafe connection environment, etc.

It would be advised for you to secure each and every of them and may sure the registered information are correct and up to day.

Hope you have a nice day.


I don’t think they’ve read through this thread, considering that I’ve once again got told to “add real information” Which I obviously already did…

Greetings Seagu,

You’re account is being looked into. Please wait for a reply via email for more information on your issue.

For your other account please put in another ticket so the issue can be looked into. This is not something that can be solved on the forums.