"Applying update" error and then I get banned

best way to temporarily fix it is by going into the shooting range before playing any of the gamemodes. it usually prevents it but they still need to fix it :confused:

Same here just to add to the amount of people with this problem.

I was about to post something like this, thank god its not just me. Just happened to me right now. It gave me a applying update and I couldn’t do anything. Alt f4’ed and after that got suspended for 15 mins. needs to be fixed

same thing happened to me

Seeing a lot of these topics popping up. Posted yesterday in another, but getting it again tonight. Game popped, now I’m banned because of this supposed update. Loving this bug. :confused:

I wonder when y’all will start paying attention.

Maybe read pinned topic first before spamming.

There’s no notification in game so the natural reaction will be to post on the forums. Plus, that thread was updated April 28th so it’s been a few days now.

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I have the same problem since the last update…

I had not taken a ban before this bug, but last night I was banned for 8pm… Only because of this bug. And blizzard is not going to do anything and I’m going to take my ban like a weak

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Same here, two times… :frowning: Please, find the solution as soon as possible :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve got the same problem, third time now, I got suspended for 8h!!!
I’m really starting to hate this game lately.


Do I loose my ranking, if I’m queued for COMP ???

The same thing happened to me this season, now for the second time this season, I have a screenshot… it would be nice if they fixed it and compensated us somehow. because since then, I’ve been falling down in the ranks…

Also just got the same thing and a 15 minute ban poos game not logging in again for another year lol

Happened to me as well. Pretty dumb that there isn’t an in-game warning that this can happen and is being investigated, and you only find out until after it happens and you get suspended.

Yeah same for me now, got kicked out like 3 times in same match coz of this update and I am like banned for 15 min :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Happened to me as well, twice, both on different days. (One was yesterday around 6PM GMT+2, the other one today around 20 minutes ago). I have just reached Diamond as Support and these two penalties are very likely to kick me back to Platinum - which is extremely frustrating for me.

same issue, I was banned for 15 minutes yesterday, 60 minutes today.

same issue, I was banned for 15 minutes just now and 2 days ago.

Wow what a shame for the developers!
They made an error and you get a panalty for it. Yet, “they can not do anything about it”.
Way to go!

Me the same, now its the 4 or 5 time and im banned 8 hours

I got this bugg 2 days ago for the first time. But today its already happened two times and now I got banned for 1h and got losses counted for these games. :expressionless:
bruh thank you blizzard

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