Any update on the CC changes?

They said they were working on it. I would like to know where they are at in terms of reducing the power of CC in the game. Will this happen before OWL? Any other PTR hero balances soon?

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Yeah, I believe that post was meant for the CC changes to Brigitte and Doomfist about 2 months ago.

I think overall, they won’t be releasing heroes with a lot of CC especially abilities that remove air control.

From that air control part I feel it’s very obvious this was in reference to Doomfist

I feel mccree should get a nerf in his stun since FTH it’s meta now

I read this as:

Overall, we are looking at how much CC is in the game and seeing if we can remove or reduce the effectiveness on some of these abilities much like these changes to Brig and Doomfist, for example.