Any ETA on the match maker fix?

It’s not a secret, the match maker is broken, across all ranks, I don’t believe anyone can deny it. Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed, so I know when I can go back to play OW2 and have fun? Thanks


i think they said we will start to feel the effects of their changes season 2

i sure hope so lol ow1 matches way better


Apparently there’s going to be changes at the start of season 2, but I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ll probably just do another soft reset.


Question: would you rather your matches “feel good” or would you rather them be certifiably fair and non-rigged.

Recall fairness isn’t about feels. Competition and contest isn’t about feels. No one owes you close games. Rigging is all about forcing the feels. Unrigged system gets you close games when people are chosen randomly around their SR. Just like how in chess, a 2460 elo and a 2515 elo might be pulled into vs. eachother. There is an expected odds gap for that random selection (probably 55/45 in favour of the 2515 elo player), in which case the elo adjustments/rewards would be scaled. At no time are the odds forced or the opponents cherry-picked.

My concern about S2 MM is it will just be a different flavour of rigging. I don’t even think it’s up for debate anymore, that they’re rigging it all behind the scenes.


how can there be an eta on a fix if the developer didnt acknowledge or confirm anything is even broken? not just that, but not even acknowledge that people are heard and they will look into it…

forget about it and come back in 6 months to a year



Comp should have no fixed “fair matches.”

Rank is fair. That’s it.

You will never even achieve the fair matches, constantly rigging them up for years and years.


in practice, few people care about the philosophy of it all if it’s providing fun matches and isn’t producing outlandish matchups

whatever they changed in OW2 is doing a lot of weird stuff and their lack of explanations make it worse for the community


“We’ll fix it when you all buy the next battle pass, promise.”

OK Bli$$ard.


they did confirm that there will be changes to the matchmaker my dude.


It’s the (soft) rank reset. Whenever the idea for a rank reset came up, the fact that match quality would decrease and feel more random for a period of several months at least was brought up. It’s one of the reasons I was a bit surprised they went for a rank reset- the last time they did this it seriously hurt match quality for several months and they said they were not going to do it again.

Players do not like it when the matchmaker “forgets” what rank players actually are. This will shake out after a while, but it will resolve itself slower the fewer comp matches players play within a given window of time.


When they say “changes’ are coming to comp in season 2” I believe what they’re saying is “we want to bait people into coming back for season 2 so we made a couple of minor insignificant changes that nobody will notice just so we can say it’s changed” Matchmaking has been broken for years, there’s no way it’s fixed now.


Honestly, the game will die long before an admission or attempt to improve the broken match making system. I’ve played a push game where the combine total elims on my team was 0 and the opposing team was 50+. I’ve also experienced the opposite (opposing team has 0). Ive played 150+ comp games this season. This should NEVER happen. Yes I have proof.

I’m not a good player and I maintain a P3 tank and G3 support. I’ve no illusions of deserving a higher rank. I (everyone should agree) want 0% win/lose influence from bliz and 100% transparency so the player base can offer suggestions on how to better it. EVERY positive change to OW came first frm player base (2-2-2).

The console aimbot/MKB adaptor on amazon for $60 isn’t helping either. People are ruining the game equally as much as blizzard devs.


It’s funny how this is still happening even when they rig games with the intent to make them artificially seem close. Why not at least experiment without handicapping, eomm, and sbmm for a season and see what happens? There is literally nothing left to lose at this point. Matchmaking has already hit rock bottom.


I suspect a part of it is also loosening acceptable limits in matches for the sake of queue times. Its not possible to completely tell if this is true because you can’t be 100% certain of people’s ranks anymore based on profile, but the signs are there.

Say you’ve hosted a game for 6 years, 4 of which it’s been notorious for 20-40 minute queues. One of the big selling points of switching to 5v5 is to fix queue times. What is worse on launch of your sequel. Low match quality, or even worse queue times from the support bottleneck?

Ramattra about to stress test that theory


After 28 wins and an above 55% win rate I went from Gold 1 to Gold 5. I Consistently had either first or second on healing and consistently competed in damage. In overwatch 1 I peaked 3336. This new rank system is absolute trash. Nothing should matter more than wins. If you find some niche playstyle that gets you wins but doesnt net you stats you’re F’ed. If you spend all game on cart because your team is rolling, you’re F’ed. I can’t justify playing this game any longer. Its a waste of time when you can win a majority of your games and still go down 4 ranks. I’m a daily player since 2016. I’m out!


Its in the last patch notes

Yeah I just uninstalled. It’s so incredibly bad.


Blizz does not communicate with its players, nor care about their feedback. Sorry.

But I do agree with you.


Agreed. Total waste of time for support unless you 5man.

The ETA is probably never because they want you to buy skins.

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