Another forced loss

This is what happens when you win too many games in a row and the matchmaker decides its your turn to lose


This is my 4th loss in a row after a win streak, all very similar. Contrary to what Blizzard teat sucklers will say you don’t go against harder opponents after a win streak, the game just gives you worse teammates in an attempt to force you to stay where it thinks you should be.

For reference this is a GM 5 game where people “should” know how to play.

Trash system, trash company, trash developers.


yep. rotational rigging. ai artificial outcomes.


I feel like it’s the hundredth time I’ve asked someone this, and probably the hundredth time I will not get an answer.

Do you understand that winning streaks will always, inevitably, with 100% certainty come to an end?


Indeed but they ironically end at win 4 a lot of the time.

I always quit after 4 wins as i quit after 2 losses so i never trigger a streak


The win/loss streaks are from the matchmaker trialing out players in upper or lower ranks (aka, pairing new incomers with higher ranked carries.) Eventually you are supposed to be the carry, sometimes for an incredibly large skill gap among your team.

Why doesn’t Blizz select a lobby within a rank and then completely randomize (instead of trying to “balance”?) I’d rather hit my 50% winrate with close games and ping poing between W/L instead of the ridiculous streaks of stomping/being stomped.

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Yes, the system decided it was your turn to lose, so it meticulously arranged 4 other players who couldn’t carry you like your past wins and you lost. Darn it Matchmaker, you did it again!

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I was going to tell you to watch the replay code but I saw that you’re Silver on 2 out of 3 roles and hard stuck mid Plat as a Mercy main on the other so you probably wouldn’t understand what you were seeing anyways lol


You can’t be talking to me right?

Are you Silver on 2 out of 3 roles and hardstuck Mid Plat as a Mercy main? Yup, that’s you.

Ahhh. I’ll let this one be here for fun. Maybe someone comes out to tell you. It’s too hilarious.

A win streak increases your hidden mmr & when you go on a long winning streak your mmr increases ALOT so yes eventually you’ll plateau & hit the inevitable skill ceiling of your mmr climb.

Each time you do go on a winning streak though youll be better than the last time & eventually climb higher.

Its not a forced loss it’s simply you reaching your ceiling & you need to think like Vegeta & shatter that ceiling.


Apparently you’re incapable to see the current users name and ID when you’re replying.

Sorry Worldeaters that’s wrong. Watch the replay.

I dont need to watch the replay because the game does not force a loss you’re smoking the copium.

the sooner you take responsibility for a loss the faster youll climb.

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Feel free to point out in the replay where it was my responsibility for the loss. The proof is posted. You can ignore it and be wrong as much as you want, but you’re still wrong.

You could also just be incredibly unlucky getting a bunch of bought accounts / boosted players on your team , thats very common in the upper ranks.


You’re here kvetching about a system you clearly and demonstrably do not understand at all, and when called on how ignorant you are, you start seething about relative ranks.

Being a GM on Lifeweaver does not mean you have good arguments about subjects you know nothing about.

So again. Do you understand that every win streak ends at a loss?

Hell do you fathom that there are an entire five other people on the other side of the map trying to win too?

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Damn dude that’s crazy, but you’re wrong. Win streaks absolutely end at a loss. Unfortunately only in Overwatch do they regularly end with a streak of losses. Find another competitive game where win/loss streaks and the amounts of complaints about them is even half as prevalent as it is in Overwatch. You won’t and there’s a reason for that.

But yes, I should listen to the guy who’s stuck in Silver on every role, surely he has incredibly deep and intimate understanding of the matchmaker and competitive as a whole. I hope you understand how incredibly, unbelievably stupid you look telling me I don’t understand a system when you’re the lowest common denominator of said system.

Being bad is fine. Being bad and an idiot isn’t. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the thread.

Actually I will, because the game genre as a whole is full of extremely vocal and egotistical manchildren who build their self-worth and personal identify around their ranking on a given game’s ladder, and so they take any loss at all as some sort of personal affront or grand conspiracy.

As you are doing.

Well, clearly deeper and more knowledgeable than some goofball who thinks that he was 'forced to lose" because he took a loss. And yeah, maybe it’s better to listen to the guy who knows what he’s talking about than the guy who is aggressively ignorant about hte subject he’s blundered his way into.

Well, you don’t understand it. That’s the problem. You have zero knowledge at all, and so you come to the conclusion that there is a great conspiracy to rig your games and force you to lose. because your streak ended.

If you think being angry at me because you genuinely don’t understand the problem you are looking at and aggressively refusing information about it makes you the smart one, well… good for you buddy.


And you think you have an understanding of the matchmaker and competitive is that right? If you did you might be able to climb out of Silver lol.