Ana unfair 80 dmg nerf + QOL changes

there are 3 main healers

1 makes the other 2 look weaker because she is overtuned to the point that not playing her is a disadvantage

its you who can’t see where the real issue lies, mercy nerfs on top of lucio buffs is enough for ana to become meta again

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1 being fixed from being overtuned does not make the 1 who is slightly undertuned suddenly less undertuned.

but k.

she is not undertuned though

stats disagree with you, she currently has 50% winrate across all ranks and has one the highest winrates in grandmaster because it was mercy that made her look weak

Lol, stats don’t disagree with me. Stats say the hero is played more often than others. Stats don’t say that hero is perfectly fine. By that logic Stats said hanzo was perfect, Reins was Perfect and Mercy was perfect for the last year.

Stats without context are just meaningless numbers, and the context of these stats you’re trying to quote do not suggest what you think they do.

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it doesn’t say that hero is perfectly fine but it does say if they are currently the best in their role

buffing ana when she already is the best healer right now is stupid

Finally, we’re getting somewhere.

I disagree. Fixing every hero should be the end goal. Too much focus on one hero over the other is what’s wrong with the balancing process thus far. How do you compare who’s balanced relative to who when you’re tunnel visioned on the weakest/strongest, trying to lesson that impact. It’s pretty simple, you don’t. You balance hero’s of the same catagory relative to one another.

3 underwhelming hero’s does not make the best hero out of them suddenly not worth fixing because they are technically better. I completely agree ana’s in a much better spot than mercy at the moment, that’s undeniable. That doesn’t mean Ana’s problems (no not her respective strengths and weakness) aren’t still problems.

I always say reworks are a last resort. IMO it is also boring that mobility = viable and it makes for uninteresting gameplay. It also starts to ruin the point of Ana’s variety. I rather focus on what she already has in her clunky gameplay over reworking her.

You have 2 actual snipers in this game. Ana and Widowmaker.

The variety of both is that one is this high damage, warning mine, mobility hook for sniper angles… while the other is this low damage cap (even at 80) utility strategy-based, no mobility sniper.

Her advantage over other supports & other roles is her range. If Ana is being played 2 feet from her teammates this is wrong. I feel people play Ana like Mercy or Moira near the team and thats not how she should be played. This is broken IMO and design should be fit to fit that distanced playstyle. Range is her sustain, her passive, her strength.

1 of her major issues is targets like Tracer, Doomfist, & targets w/ armor or the slightest factor of a healthpack or enemy heals coming into play. A lot of 200hp heroes can easily counter-play 70 damage making it take more shots asking Ana to do more work where others dont. Damage is a good way to not break Ana, but to encourage the distance playstyle she benefits from.

A lot of Ana is pre-planning scenarios in your head before they happen. Its why mobility doesn’t fit her design nor does a self-heal passive. A sniper w/ no mobility is good variety for the game.

Should we really be buffing one of the most picked heroes though?
Or are you looking to start another Ana only meta?

Only looking to address clunky gameplay and tedious mechanics of Ana. All these changes are to address that.

The only thing I wanted from nanoboost heal buffs (that the devs decided not the community) was the range increase. Not a random rework to her nano that just lowers her skill. They don’t address her problems here, but at random put a rework to her nano I think no one was asking for.

These changes I suggest are called for, and is not a big buff, huge rework, or anything that would harm her gameplay. The issues remain. I could change any heroes ultimate and buff it like the devs, but doesn’t address their bugs & issues that make the gameplay clunky.

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that’s the thing ana doesn’t need “fixes”

she has been out for 2 years and no one has said anything about her weaknesses because every hero needs some sort of weakness

ana is fine and you’re delusional if you think she needs buffs, it will also result in her being overtuned which eventually will make her just like mercy

why should mercy be nerfed for being overtuned but its okay to buff ana to become overtuned?

First of all, Where have you been the last year? Every day there’s like 5 new threads suggesting Ana get mobility or passive regen.

Second, nobody in this thread is suggesting taking away her weakness… well, except maybe skald. What’s being suggested is giving her back her means of survivability. A nerf that nobody had asked for to begin with as it was her nades damage people complained about. Now there are supports specifically designed to counter flankers making Ana’s nerf even more questionable. Her hard counter was buffed that same patch and still very much counters her with his bubble to this day. There have been many changes to the game that justifies the added survivability to her kit.

Ad hominem aside, You don’t even play Ana. Forgive me if I questions your ability to determine her strengths and weakness.

i play her at low grandmaster level

i know what her strengths and weaknesses are more than most players, giving her 80 damage back is stupid when she doesn’t need it

70 damage with no fall off is already better than many dps heroes primary damage

No see, you’re in masters first of all, and just barley. Second of all, your stats on her tell a different story according to overbuff.

You realize this actually means nothing, as her overall dps is far lower than any dps hero, right? Like, rate of fire didn’t just stop being a thing, or tick rate being canceled by health packs, or the interaction with tick damage against armor.

You’re actually comparing apples to oranges.

if you haven’t realized this is a smurf, its not easy to get a new account back to grandmaster, it will take me atleast a week or two

Ana has better dps on primary than many dps heroes, if you can actually aim with ana you can take out heroes very commonly

buffing it to 80 will mean that she can deal 2 shot to heroes across the map as a main healer when they are discorded or when she is damage boosted which is too big of a buff that she doesn’t need

I honestly question how true this is when you confuse damage per second and damage per shot. But hey, you clearly are right because higher elo.

Also if you want to know my view on this point of yours.

not confusing anything and if you can’t realize that ana has good dps then you’re probably bad at her.

overtuning ana when she is already meta is illogical

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We’re going full circle here, to the point i can just copy and paste old replies.

because you’re the one that keeps going in circles because you can’t realize that the stats and the meta are againts your unreasonable buffs

ana is meta = she doesn’t need further buffs

You did this already too. Arguing against any point with “but meta”

And i’ve already made a rebuttal to that

Which awkwardly enough, you agreed with at the time.