Ana is literally unplayable

Well that explains it. You actually don’t have any idea what pre-healing is or how it applies to any of these hero’s.

As long as Mercy’s beam or Zen’s orb is on somebody, it is constantly giving them healing per second, regardless if they’re full or not. This is by definition pre-heal. In the instant that damage is applied, heal will also be calculated immediately after.

Over-healing as you seem to be confused with, probably intentionally to continue arguing, is when the target gains more than their max HP. The extra hp is then calculated before damage is applied.

There is clearly a difference between pre-heal and over-heal, and you’ve pointed it out yourself, yet somehow you confuse the two as being the same in your argument. Who’s really misusing terms here?

Well. are you going to tell me you can’t shoot 1/8 of a second before someone might take damage? I mean, have Ana’s dart in mid flight before someone takes damage?

By your own definition Ana can preheal. Be careful how you argue semantics.

Thing is, by that definition, Brigitte Preheals her allies all the time when she melees. Your “prehealing” is just an excuse to gain accuracy when shooting an ally even when they don’t need it. What’s wrong with doing something useful?

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As Ana’s healing over time is impossible to tick now until damage is already present on the target and the healing can’t be applied immediately after damage calculation, it is no longer a pre-heal, making Ana the only healer who can no longer pre-heal. Your argument was to that original claim in the first place. See:

Having a projectile dart mid flight is not a pre-heal, since the heal over time tick isn’t present on a full hp target. My definition is fine, your logic is flawed.

Yes, Brigitte does have the possibility to pre-heal her allies when she melee’s an enemy. She’s not Ana. We’ve established this as she’s the only healer who can’t apply her heal to a full hp ally.

And we’re done here, have a great night.

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I feel my healing over all is getting better with new Ana. I found alot of time the piecing ammo hit my intended target and save his life more often than the preheal thing. Chance are if your teammates die from full health without the preheal, either he got instant gib by sniper or he is very bad and would die either way.

Nevermind she can not only burst heal twice Mercy’s ability to heal someone over 2 seconds, out heal what she can do, do all that and heal others as well, and apply an extra healing buff. She can’t have a dart hit the moment someone takes damage.

Only Brig, Torb, or Moria can apply thier healing effect before the target is hit. If you’re angry that Ana shoot through people at full health, then she’s not the hero for you. Go play one of the other 3 (I know one is a “defense” hero and not a support).

Ana’s ability to negate/buff healing is impressive, but then again you’d notice if you wern’t so focus on trying to heal a target already at full.

ana is underpowered and that’s the problem.

Pre-healing is one thing and as I said, before the changes kicked in, I didn’t even realize I needed it.

But how playing Ana feels right now is a totally different thing, it’s just so dull. I can basically stand in one place, close my eyes and spam a chokepoint blindfolded, meanwhile the healing output is still the same as before. They just changed something that did not need changing in the first place, resulting in almost 0 impact on the character while causing irritation among many players.

I agree with others that we just need time to adapt, and I’m actually already pretty used to the piercing, but this doesn’t change the fact that Ana is still slightly underpowered.

All things considered, I’m quite happy that they take time with Ana, as Blizzard usually buffs heroes too much, making them OP (for example: Mercy, bastion, Hanzo, Sombra and probably the incoming Symmetra rework as well).


I still think healing threw allies is a bad thing. It feels really weird and all. We lost pre-healing and some realiability in our healing.
But, I changed my gameplay with her trying to use the potential of the healing threw allies. Now I just constently spam my healing in the mass, it’s kind of random sometimes it hits the right target, sometimes not, sometimes it deals damage. Overall I think it’s usefull but feels wrong. And again it would be better to not lose the pre-healing.


Exactly, it’s useful to some extent, but it just feels wrong

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Considering Ana’s average healing is 7.8k/10 min and Mercy’s is 11.5k, you really should have stopped here. Especially when you consider top Ana players can only heal 11.5k, where as top Mercy’s are doing 16k. Check Overbuff yourself, the stats don’t lie. On paper, Ana should out heal Mercy any day, but people never take into consideration that Ana has to worry about reload speed, animation when quick scoping, projectile speed, the players mechanical skill and over all accuracy.

We went over this already, you’re wrong. Over-healing =/= Pre-healing.

You have 13 hours on Ana and somehow she’s your most played support. You’re a gold main who picked up Moira in comp. How are you even trying to speak on a hero’s mechanics you know little about as if it were fact, let alone tell another player what they’re doing is wrong and that character isn’t for them? You really should get over yourself here.

Tried Ana for the first time since the day after the patch dropped and it’s just horrible.

I don’t get why the Devs can’t even give us some recognition considering the amount of posts that have surfaced asking for a toggle or just something so people who want to can play her the old way.

Yea I mean this thread is like 500+ posts, They atleast have to have read it I hope…

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You’re an idiot, I thought I was wrong so I looked it up: Ana=62.5/s Mercy=60/s (base healing). Oh, the second part? That’s not her only healing ability, Biotic grenade is extremely powerful.

Those are the only heroes that can add their healing effect before a target takes damage. Pre-healing =/= healing the moment something takes damage (or is it? you keep insisting that it is).

Yeah, I she was what I played when I first started. The whole thing about not being able to shoot through allies to heal made me angry, well, angry because tranqs also counted as a heal dart and it shouldn’t proc on a Junkrat stuck in a Rein charge.

After that I stopped playing her.

You’re bad at reading. I said per 10 minutes as it’s calculated on overbuff. Ana has better burst heal per second than mercy, I even told you that.

That number drops severely after her bionade runs out and reload, rate of fire, projectile speed, player mechanical skill like accuracy and (now) reaction time, animation, repositioning to heal a team mate behind a barrier, whether it’s better to dps or heal at the time, whether she can do either or has to deal with a flanker because she can only attack or heal and cant multitask it like Zen or Lucio. All of these things affect her overall average healing per 10 minutes and actually put her average healing lower than Lucio in every single elo. Bionade is best used offensively btw.

Go play the game as Zen for like an hour non stop and if you put your harmony orb on a full hp ally about to jump into a fight even once, you can see for yourself how wrong you are. Mercy does the exact same thing. You put her healing beam on an ally before they’re about to take damage in a fight so they can get healed immediately after they take damage.

Great, blizzard listened too casuals who barley know how to play the hero, again. Good Ana’s adapted to your problem by learning to position themselves so your problem never happened to them. Now anybody who plays Ana has to deal with inconsistent healing. Thanks for jumping on that bandwagon.

If you’re referring to sleep as “tranqs”, that has never been a thing, they have never healed an ally. If you’re referring to a normal shot, why are you not sleeping the charging Rein to save your team mate?

Look guy, only thing that matters is that the darts go through things. Yes, tranqs used to be stopped by allies (if you used Ana so much for so long you’d know this before it was patched at some point).

You don’t know what “preheal” is anyway. According to you having Mercy’s beam on someone at full health when not taking damage is “prehealing”, shooting an ally isn’t because it goes through, and overhealing isn’t prehealing.

I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to change, except if it’s changing darts back to stopping on allies so it doesn’t drop your acc when you sit there. If you’re that worried about getting healing one someone so they don’t instantly die (however, a ohk is a ohk regardless of healing on someone… unless it’s actually prehealing in the form of healing beyond thier health limit), then sit there and stare at them, that’s basically what you’re doing at that point.

Ana is the type of character who should always be doing something, she can do more than other supports and be better at it, that’s why she’s not for everyone. If you really just want to revert it back to it was so you can sit and “preheal” then just go Mercy, doesn’t seem like you’re doing much of anything else anyway (didn’t even know that sleep darts at one point were stopped by allies).

Pretty sure I can still select her and play her. This is fake news

That has never been a thing. You’re either lying or you know that little about Ana. Which is why i’m done replying to you at all. Have a great day.

That’s why I’m irritated. You claim to be an Ana main, say this change is a direct nerf and breaks her, but you didn’t even know that sleep darts used to be stopped by allies.

You either want Ana to go back to a less useful state or you never used her beyond sniping your teammates for heals.

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Gold main with 13 hours on Ana vs a Diamond Ana main with 200+ hours on Ana.

I promise, sleep has never been stopped by allies.

Edit: If you insist on this, at least give out a patch number when this was the case. I’m very interested to know.

No, it never has been stopped by allies. Sleep dart, not “Tranq” dart is a damaging attack. You can’t attack your own teammates. You can’t damage your own teammates, and since it is a damaging attack, it does at any other damaging attack, passes through allies, you clearly never have played Ana it seems like, Sleep dart has never, and will never, be stopped by allies, it never have, look up in the wiki, all patch changes, nothing about “Sleep dart blocked by allies removed” or added.

Here you have the wiki.


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