Ana is literally unplayable

This “Shot through allies” buff is a huge… HUGE NERF, Seriously, revert this right now, or Ana will be even more Trash than she is right now, because she is on the border to beyond F tier.


Is it that bad?!?!???


I have over 400 hours as Ana across all my accounts and I don’t enjoy playing her like this.


i really wish they would have listened to everyone asking for it to be a toggled feature that you can turn on in settings. but they didn’t, surprise surprise. :upside_down_face:

edit: I made this post when I was frustrated over the lack of communication between us and the devs. after reading the replies I understand that it can’t be a toggled feature. as much as I’d like it to be, it’s too much of a massive change to be a toggle option.


To someone who does not play Ana, and never has. How exactly is this a NERF?


this was my thought process too.

how is this a nerf???


The problem with that is one way is objectively better. It might take time to get used to it but shooting through full HP has so many more upsides than downsides.

One downside is what you can’t get a very minimal pre heal off?

While the upsides are you don’t have to spend time rearranging yourself to heal someone else in front of a fat tank which in turn makes you heal more because you aren’t wasting time and deal damage when allies don’t need healing at that moment.


Isn’t it you shoot through allies if they have full hp? Guess I got to go read the changes.

Don’t worry Scooby, we will get to the bottom of this.


Can’t pre-heal on allies. Ana’s darts heal over time, so they’re not instant. That way you can create a resistance on upcoming fire if you pre-heal. But she can’t do that now.


Thank you, I have actually never thought of that. Your explanation makes everything so much clearer! :slight_smile:


You don’t even have playtime on Ana in competitive.

Allies getting in your way was never a problem for decent Ana players. It’s hardly ‘objectively’ better when you don’t even play her. Positioning is a key aspect to getting good with her. Her ability to pre-heal is now gone. The balance team have no idea what to do with her.


No, it is really, really, really much worse.


If you ever get a chance to play Ana, you’ll see that often times, healing after people take damage is too late to begin healing since the heal is over time. It means a lot more heal activation on dead bodies, which honestly stinks.

I honestly thought that if they wanted to shoot through allies, they would also make the heal activate instantly, or at least increase the speed at which it does. The delay makes this “buff” a nerf.

In addition, I’d much prefer a form of self sustain than this so called buff anyway. For example, I and my other Ana main friend toyed with the idea of Ana healing a portion of health when she shot full health teammates, etc.


I used to play Ana a few seasons back and thinking about it, it is kinda weird not having the preheal, it’s harder to pocket heal now.

I think there should be 3 toggles:

  • Toggle on/off
  • Toggle on/off when scoped in
  • Toggle on/off when un-scoped

This should give everybody what they want, some people want it when it’s scoped and some just don’t want it at all.


Sorry I forgot the rule of only comp players can speak.

Are you not even going to look at the fact that the positives outweigh that single negative? Will you at least give your opinion on the good things it brings to her


Pre-healing as Ana is just a meme and a waste of time. This change is pretty good. Think about all these people you will be able to hit now that teammates constantly walking though you won’t eat your shots. In my opinion, this is a pretty solid improvement. Get used to ignoring full hp allies.


Agree I love the change, still don’t understand why ppl always complain u_u


Thank you so much for your explanation Vyansrod. As a Mercy main I have actually never thought of the fact that the healing is over time (and Ana is not that much played in my skill tier either). But as a Mercy I can tell you that I notice that Ana’s biggest problem is staying alive herself, as long as she manages that her healing output is great. So I really like your idea.


I think we all need to relax, calm ourselves down and let these changes settle before we say things like “Ana is literally unplayable”.

These changes are definitely weird, but it’s nothing that a little time won’t fix.


Competitive Overwatch at high ranks is the best way to measure a hero’s viability in the meta. I have spent many hard labour playing Ana in competitive and getting a feel for the character; you have not and you’re sitting here telling Ana players what is ‘objectively’ good when you’re basing that on something you have no experience of.

Again like I said, majority of Ana players never complained about allies getting in the way of heals. If you’ve read the threads, we’ve been asking for self-sustainability or a form of mobility for well over a year now.