Ana - is Blizzard trolling us?

Looking at recent changes I wouldn’t even be surprised. It’s either all or nothing. They just don’t know what to do with Ana.

I love her kit, but hate the fact that skill isn’t being rewarded in any way.
“You hit every shot so far? Cool! You almost heal as much as your Zenyatta now!”
Sleep is rewarding, but hard to coordinate and execute.
You already pointed out Bio-Nade. It’s strong but you end up “wasting” it most of the time because you either need heal yourself or you struggle to heal anybody without it.

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Those aren’t utilities and Ana’s utility doesn’t actually justify picking her over another Support due to how unreliable her kit is.

I mean, her utilities are her only form of self-sustain on a long cooldown and a skill shot on a long cooldown.

Also, unlike the other Support heroes, her ultimate is entirely sacrificial with no benefits to her own self-preservation at all.

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Ana is not fine tho, she lacks both mobility and self sustain making her more vulnerable than zenyatta and in constant need of a babysitter, you can’t even play Ana if you don’t have a second healer and main tank to shield you

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The OP is stating the hypocrisy in how the developers state that they’d rather buff a character’s strengths rather than remove their weaknesses, yet that’s more or less what they did with Hanzo.

Look man, every time there’s an Ana relevant thread you come on the thread an just trash on Ana-Mains when they aren’t bothering you or anyone else?

What did Ana-Mains do to you that makes you hunt them down so often?

If you clearly hate them so much and feel like she’s in such a GREAT state and that everyone who uses her are just bad players that just need to “git gud” then why continue to go on these threads?

It’s not even like these threads last long either, they usually start off large then quickly peter out only for 2 to 3 people to continue arguing back and forth with one another on the same thread.

Seriously, what and WHY made you hate Ana-Mains so much that you’ve dedicated forum time making all of the snide passive-aggressive comments about them?

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All of those, except for the ult can be countered with a shield only.
Sleep is really unrealiable because it’s pretty hard to hit.
Ult is only useful in combination with other ults. You burn 2 or more ults simultaneously most of the time.

Did I mention you can’t use any of that utility if you are dead because you’re the easiest hero to kill?

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I’ve said the same few things of how they were treating Ana in my post recently and its quite sad.


I don’t really like Ana mains nor hate them, I just don’t respect them as much as everyone else does, seriously though they ask for a specific buff, get it then complain when it doesn’t work out as well as they wanted. I think the biggest problem with Ana players is that they all expect to perform well with her, which the reality is not supposed to be true. Ana is supposed to be the hardest support in the game, if every Ana player is saying you can’t do anything with her because she’s bad they’re planting the idea in bad Ana players that it’s the characters fault they aren’t good rather than wanting to improve. This is evident the most when most Ana players complain they have to aim. When you play Ana you basically agree that isn’t a problem because you get range for the aim and slightly better single target healing and you have hitboxes more generous so you don’t need Widow level aim. If you’re still finding aiming hard then you shouldn’t be playing Ana.

From an Ana main, she is not a mainhealer at all.

I have no problem with aiming. The problem is, even with very high accuracy you’re easily being outhealed by almost any other support. High Risk, Low Reward. Why bother with aiming when you can play Mercy/Moira/Lucio/Brig. As I’ve already stated the Utility, while strong, is too unreliable and too easy to counter. I expect to perform well if I do well. I had 80% acc before her change and managed to heal 1k+ per minute which isn’t exactly that bad but considering the amount of effort you have to put in just to scratch the lower limits of main-heal output is a freaking joke. I’m willing to switch off her when I’m countered. But currently as soon as they have any shield you can basically die and spam H.


It’s actually rare that you see Ana-Mains bring this up as a legitimate complaint and when it usually is brought up, other Ana-Mains will tell that person to well…“get-gud”.

Most of the Ana-Mains are complaining because they’re trying to figure out the reason why one would play her despite the artificial roadblocks that make her difficult.

Most of the Ana-Mains are saying that she does NOT fulfill the role of a healer and does NOT perform well inside of her niche and that her weakness are directly tied to how clunky and self-defeating her kit is.

Ana-Mains don’t want her to be easier.

Ana-Mains don’t want her to be overpowered.

Ana-Mains want Ana to be worth bringing onto the battlefield and to have a purpose.

Here on Console, she’s literally been the worst hero on the platform for about seven seasons now.

I can’t speak on behalf of the PC-playerbase, but it was enraging to have Ana be in a balanced state on Console and then get nerfed just because of a different platform.


The whole controversy about the piercing shot / pre-heal is due to a split in the community. Personally for me, I love the change. Honestly, I don’t even care about the pre-healing, because I would rather throw a nade in the direction to splash the enemy to get anti-heal while burst healing the rusher.

In a rough fight, I am able to more easily ditch out up to 10k gold healing with a moria around to help out with the healing when my teammates are taking too much damage. Ana works better if your teammates are not as mobile or huge. When you have teammates that are mostly mobile and don’t stick together, trying to 1 v the whole team, I would switch to zanyetta or even mercy base on whether they die often or if they know when to back out.

I’ve always said Geoff’s balancing philosophy is flawed and selective at best. He says they’d rather focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses despite reducing Widow’s weakness by lowering her hook’s CD. It’s laughable really.

The fact that Ana’s strength in long ranged healing which equally is a weakness as well, is supposed to justify her many overwhelming weaknesses. What idiocy.


I’ve never understood the preheal thing

Has anyone ever died because you weren’t able to preheal them with a single shot?

But all aim heavy heroes on console have been worse than non aim heavy heroes, Torb is much more viable on console than he is on PC, same for Symmetra. That’s just how console works I guess.

Probably. I honestly think most people pre-heal just because it feels good.

Piercing shots doesn’t give you nearly the same feedback that you’re hitting something even though it makes Ana a magnitude more efficient in a deathball meta since it almost guarentees her shots are going to have some sort of effect.

With how fast Ana’s heal ticks, pre-healing is ineffective for maybe 50-60% of shots and of those 40-50% where it actually does something, you’re maybe getting about 10-20 effective healing out of those shots. It can be important if you’re using an ability that normally gets you deleted instantly, like Barrage, but for everything else it’s not really all that important.

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If that’s the case, why does Blizzard still insist on nerfing them when they’re already struggling to begin with?

Regardless, that’s not completely true.

Widowmaker & McCree both have similar Win Rates to the PC version of the game.

In fact, McCree has a higher Pick-Rate & Win-Rate in Console Grandmasters than PC & Widowmaker actually has a higher Win-Rate than her PC counterpart in Grandmasters as well.

The Console meta is nowhere near as strict as it is on PC.

That said…Ana is still crap, and it’s because the devs did not do separate balancing with her outside of giving her allied aim-assist…and that really is a minor change.

No offense man, but take some time to actually research more about these issues in depth before decrying them.

Sometimes they may actually have merit.

FIRST OFF, let me say that I agree that Ana needs a buff. However you said some stuff that I disagree with.

Ana’s pre heal was useless, it never really helped since the person would usually get the healing from the end of the duration of the shot. Shooting through full healed teammates is much more useful since hitting your teammates always not always reliant on your positioning. Team fights would make everyone get in your face and disrupt your shots. So the person on the other side of the point would die before you either got deeper into the fight or got a better position. How do we deal with it now then? Biogrenade, instantly heals our teammate by 100 health.

Ana’s increase of damage was due to people who main her complaining that she couldn’t do anything to flankers. These complaints were especially prevelent during dive meta. They aren’t trying to make her a dps, just trying to appease the fans and to make her more viable. The clip size wasn’t unnecessary, 10 shots wasn’t enough and I found myself reloading during team fights way too much.

Hanzo needed a rework more then Ana did. A lot of heroes need reworks/buffs more then Ana. However I will say that Hanzo is way too op now.

Yes Ana needs buffs right now, but prehealing was useless, and other heroes like Hanzo pre rework and others need them too.

That’s because Widow and McCree have aim assist, you could argue that Widow’s easier on console because of this.
The reason why Ana is one of the worst is because there are better options to heal that don’t need any aim at all, so aim assist for Ana doesn’t really matter.

This was actually the main thing I complained about. Ana can’t have mobility because that takes away her weakness, but Hanzo can get more mobility even though it takes away his weakness? ADDITIONALLY to some other major buffs.

I want Ana to get buffs, yes. My main point here however is… Hypocrisy. That might be the best word for it, yes. Thanks for getting my point!

Blizzard is still probably holding out hope that if they nerf Mercy enough the entire support cast will be revived into a healthy viability.

Currently they’re waiting for enough people to complain about her dominating pickrate to justify another nerf.

Pessimistic view, yes, but it might as well be true.