Ana is a Useless Waste of a Healer


“Oh, it’s fine we have a healer!”. No you don’t. You have an Ana. This is not a healer. Because:

  1. She needs line of sight
  2. She will miss her shots
  3. She can’t escape
  4. She can only heal one person at a time

“But utility! Sleep dart! Grenade”. Yeah, no it doesn’t matter. You will miss your sleep darts. You will miss your grenades. And even when you think it’s a phat grenade on the enemy team, your own teammate will block it and it’ll be wasted.

But even if you hit your sleep darts, and even if you get fat grenade hits, it’s not enough. You will still only heal one target at a time, and being purple doesn’t mean the enemy can’t shoot or use abilities.

So if you’re on console in gold, don’t choose Ana, thinking you’re picking a healer slot. Anyone but her.

As for PC…I need to see it with my own eyes to believe it. I want to see Ana play on Youtube in gold without any pre-made team comp, and without mic communication. Show it to me. Show me how these magical Anas exist in this scenario.


I was confused until I read


Moira and Mercy kinda both need LOS to start healing from their primary fire…
And Mercy can only heal 1 person at a time…
What is your argument even…?


This is most definitely going to be interesting. :eyes::popcorn:



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Both Moira and Mercy can get value around corners. And they have first class escape abilities, that allows them the luxury of maintaining line of sight of their teammates.


Title is very misleading :joy::joy::joy:


Ana is a hard hero to get max value out of. But people have to learn her sometime, and they’re going to be gold for a while as they do.

If you feel your Ana isn’t pulling her weight you can always run a second healer to help your team, and/or a hero with better self-sustain.


My first response was shes not that hard to use, then I saw ‘console in gold’ and was like Oohh that’s why.


Are you joking? If anything Ana on console is even better than ever. Have you turned friendly fire aim assist to the max? It’s almost impossible to miss. It’s like turning on a pseudo aimbot.


Ana is a lot like Widowmaker in the sense that if one cannot land their shots i.e. player’s aim mechanics are lacking; she really should not be used.

Mercy, Moira and Lucio are better options especially for Bronze & Silver tiers.


lol psuedo

everyone who plays any shooter on console IS aimbotting


It makes me wonder why people dont like when players use mouse and keyboard on console.:thinking:


You are aware Ana is as good as she is when you have the skill to play her, right?

Advice from the pros won’t translate down as well as people expect it will. Don’t rely on other people to tell you how to play the game. Look to them for guidance, sure, but seek strategies and ways to play that better suit your individual skills.
Maybe you’ve got lacklustre aim but are good at multitasking? Maybe try Moira instead.
Or perhaps you can keep the heals coming but you struggle to survive? Then maybe Mercy is better for you.
Basically, pick someone who pronounces your strength and helps you a bit with your weaknesses.

Ana is not worth using over Moira if you don’t have the aim to hit her utility. (Which becomes kind of a problem for Moira when you do and then the opposite is true.)

But train your aim and Ana can become a useful member in your team. But if you use her in conditions she’s designed not to work in, well, don’t be surprised when it blows up in your face.


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Uhm…what? Are you referring to aim assist in general?


Even in Diamond on console, Anas are questionable. Never expect them to heal you and always run two or three healers.


Lol ok
Ana and rein with highest pickrates

Also you don’t need to aim if you are just healing the tank that is right in front of you.


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