Ana is a Useless Waste of a Healer


Console opinions on Ana lol.

She is doing well, perhaps overly well on PC there dude.

Especially in a tank meta Ana is not even all that skillful


Being an aim based healer, it’s understandable that she is harder for low rank console.

In general, you do not want solo healer, so co-heal as Lucio or if the Ana is doing very bad, use another main healer. This is true for any class/hero that isn’t pulling their weight: you help them out.





As an ex-console OW player, i can assure you, if YOU right now were given a PC running OW using a mouse and keyboard, made to practice 5 QP games as Ana before being somehow linked into a competitive game on console but still playing from PC, you would be heralded as a healing goddess.

Genjis from bronze to masters would each bend at the knee to worship your name, hoping and praying everyday to come under grandmas wing to receive your holy nano blessing and make her proud.

Reinhardts would come flying in from across the map to crush the flankers that dare trespass upon the now sacred ground you tread, solo-shattering the anime-men that even dared to unsheath their swords against you.

In bronze, they’d sing hymns telling of a legendary Ana main that unlocked the power of ancient peripherals invented in a time before even consoles existed and used them to break free of the shackles of her golden elo, beyond the the tilting trials of platinum-hood and soaring ever further, through the realms of the diamonds, byond even the great council of masters with some stories going as far as to claim of her ascension into the brotherhood of ephemeral light based beings - the mythical grand-masters.


God damn, this is happening to me quite often, when somebody from my team steps r-r-r-right in front of me the very last moment I throw grandma’s jar of jam, and it gets spilled all over us instead of the enemies it was meant for… Hell blushes from me curses at that moment… T______________________T


Well pickrates and reality seems to diff … oh wait console Gold.
Yeah if aiming is an issue then you should use Mercy, Moira, Lucio or Brig.


I play Overwatch on console, and have never used an aimbot. I don’t even think you can get them on console.


I’m hard stuck in Platinum and I’d say I still enjoy playing Lucio more than I will ever like playing Ana.

Too many variables. I can heal and dps without constant interference from my own teammates.


“The best Healer in the game right now is useless as a Healer”



Lul. Just don’t play on console


Misleding title :wink:
Upvote for Gold Console argument , that is pretty much Silver PC


나이스 :joy: i really love this


consolewatch is a different game than overwatch and none of their players should have their opinion counted on general balance


I’m actually curious about something now that you bring it up. If Gold on console is basically Silver on PC… Where would I be as a low/mid-masters on console? But, could consistently prove myself to be able to hang with GM’s no problem. Could even duel a T500 Genji in a 1v1.


Oh no, a healer that is somewhat challenging to play! What a disaster!


You kinda scared me a bit with your post.
But yeah there is no good Ana before Diams and you’ll always do better with Moira or Mercy. Pc and Console both ˆˆ


most picked HERO in quickplay
most picked support at every rank on pc starting from gold


Quality post right here.



I was going to write a reply about how wrong you are until I saw console in the post.

No wonder all the Ana’s you get are no good.