Ana buff idea: "cooking" the nade

The biggest problem Ana has currently is lack of reliable self-sustain or any mobility. You can’t straight up reduce the cooldown on Biotic Nade though because the anti-heal is too strong, and because Biotic Nade has healing as part of it, the Devs are understandably cautious about giving Ana any mobility in case it makes people like Gale and Jehong unstoppable on her.

But what if you could make Ana able to self-heal more often without reducing the cooldown on the anti-heal? Would that increase her Self-sustain potential enough without making her OP?

Here’s my suggestion:

  • Double tapping the Biotic Nade button makes Ana “cook” it in her hand
  • This removes the anti-heal effect from the nade, whilst the healing acts the same as usual, same healing output, same AoE.
  • By keeping the Nade in her hand, this prevents D.Va from DMing it, and Genji from Deflecting it
  • Cooldown if cooked = 6 seconds, standard cooldown remains at 10 seconds

Would that be a viable buff?


I don’t understand, does cooking the nade apply the healing effect to Ana without creating a projectile? Or did you mean something else?

This reminds me of a similar suggestion where she just drinks the contents of the nade and it’ll have a shorter cooldown.

You’re understanding it right. She’d basically hold onto it, the healing would act as standard with Ana at the epicentre, but no anti-heal would be applied to nearby enemies, and no projectile would be created.

So essentially we are looking at roadhogs E ability but for ana. As an ana main i could dig this.

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Just give her a grapple, and Ana lives happily ever after.

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The DEVs already stated that they’re not interested on improving her weaknesses — lack of mobility and poor self heal.

We need to come up with viable buffs outside of the common demand and inside what the DEVs are willing to give Ana.

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I say make her sleep dart more efficacious — that is do what what it was actually intended to do.

As is it’s a more difficult a shot to make than even her basic shot. Considering that she has to be pinpoint accurate to fight high mobility heroes up close and personal that they should make the dart very easy to land against enemies “up close and personal.”

Further, to give her a chance to get away from a slept target. They should up the damage needed to break it from 1 to 30 hit points — exactly the same as Symmetra’s turrets that went from 1 hp to destroy to 30 hp’s. It’s only fair, right?