An idea for Mercy

i think people are overreacting about the damage boost change because it changes how you have to damage boost as mercy and don’t get me wrong i could absolutely be wrong about this but i feel like it’s just a matter of getting used to it

there are not a lot of decisions to be made during valkyrie hun you said it yourself

Well, I can see and understand that point of view, but here is the thing.

REWORK occurred- we had to get used to playing that. Well, we figured out (some while it was in PTR, and wrote about it back then) it was extremely OP. So we knew some changes were necessary.

Several Sledgehammer Nerfs occurred- we got used to them because we enjoy playing Mercy.

More Nerfs occurred- total Nerfs to date 15- we got used to those too, but the choices of how to play Mercy kept shrinking. We either Heal/Damage boost 1 person (pocket heal) or we work our tails off trying to keep the whole team healed especially when it went from 60 hps to 50 hps. Forget going “Battle Mercy”, you’re throwing if you even think about pull out your pistol even to defend yourself.

With the upcoming Nerf- choices for mercy reduced to being a Pocket Healer. You would be throwing if you even try to heal/damage boost another person, much less going ‘Battle Mercy’.


right after triple tank, during dive meta mercy still was considered to be a troll pick there was abuse towards mercy mains
she was viable but the majority of player base didn’t feel that way and like i’ve mentioned before utility heroes are either bad or very aggravating to play against hence why there was a rework

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i understand what you’re saying but complaining alone doesn’t fix anything what are you suggesting they do?

First, and foremost, stop Nerfing Mercy.

Make her game play more fluid by reducing that dang 1.75 second cast time. Mercy got Invulnerability during Mass Rez era because she kept dying on Rez, but even that was a good trade-off since it got the team back when Mercy died. 1.75 second cast time is killer, an over half the time no Rez occurs.

For the rest, maybe some suggestions from the top of this thread-

OMG- I finally reached Trust Level 3…

ok that’s better!
i don’t think the 1.75 sec cast time is the underlying problem with rez right now it’s the 75% movement speed reduction + not being able to crouch
or they could just replace it with something else there was an idea about rez being replaced with an ability that you target a friendly hero and if they die within the next 4 secs they’ll be revived [and the enemies wouldn’t know about it] which i think it’d work really well with mercy
but i also think that Valkyrie has the problem of being drawn out i think if they gave Valkyrie more power and reduced its duration to 10-12 secs it’d feel a lot nicer compared to the current version

Now that is something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

I did; it didn’t get any traction and was buried under all the other threads. You should bump it for me :slight_smile:

I think she would be. Shocking how two people can think differently.

Her mobility was far worse when the game was released. Her healing was 50HPS, her self heal didn’t start until 3 seconds of not taking damage, her ult was clunky. She’s far better now than she ever was pre-rework.

This makes no sense. Literally ZERO correlation.

it’s okay i don’t expect everyone to understand what i’m saying

… “she was once bad because her self healing passive was garbage even though it no longer is but now this COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHANGE would make her JUST as bad as back then… even though she’s almost a completely different hero” you literally do not make any sense you are typing words that mean nothing. Get over yourself.

i completely understand that you don’t see the correlation and that’s is absolutely fine i don’t expect everyone to understand it!

Can’t imagine having that much of an ego… oof.

no i’m just really angry because of this guy… talk to me later i’ll answer you properly…

Just because something doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense. And what’s with the rudeness?

Asking for Mercy to be at 150hp is asking for a VERY squishy main healer. and an extra 10hps doesn’t make up for that. Remember that Mercy doesn’t generally use a weapon so she doesn’t have a way of defending herself outside of using her mobility for good positioning. When she had poor health regen, any chip damage would prevent her from self-healing which made her very easy to kill with someone like Tracer or Gengi. If she just had 150hp to start she would die as soon as someone sneezes on her. Tracer can deal with it because blinks INSTANTLY move her to a new location. Mercy just flies in a straight line to a teammate.

What Minty was saying makes perfect sense. 10 extra healing DOES NOT compensate for making her that squishy. It wasn’t good back when her health regen was bad and it wouldn’t be good if she had 150hp.

She also has the best self regeneration out of the main healers and the best mobility and the only consistent healing.

Do not try to teach me about a hero I have 800 hours on.

She no longer does so this means nothing.

Tracer does fine and she has no self regeneration and Mercy has more mobility.

Which is not vertical and cannot be changed in anyway. Mercy can go in any direction with the added benefit of bunny hop + super jump.


Yes it does. People want 60HPS back but aren’t willing to give anything to get it. Mercy mains are so incredibly entitled it annoys me to call myself a Mercy main.

I honestly don’t know why you people keep bringing her old self regeneration up it’s no longer as bad and Mercy has never had 150 baseline HP.

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it’s okay i was equally rude… i’m sorry @valcyon i’ll make it up to you later when my blood isn’t boiling!

okay never mind i guess you’re rude to everyone!

She has her regen and high mobility. I would actually trade 150 HP for 60 hp/s back and maybe Valk having 70 hp/s, but that isn’t even necessary. Or 170 HP and 55 HP/s? At least they could try it on PTR just to see if it’s even viable or not.
It would make her healing output great again and it would make cheeky rez’s way more dangerous so everyone would get something out of it.

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I’m rude to people who are asking for a rude response.