Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand


Just a hero balance discussion sub forum would be nice actually.


Mercy was a must pick for most of the games life and because of that we have a large part of the community that mostly just know how to play Mercy. Which is why we are seeing so much backlash on the forums.

All of those players that have mainly Mercy hours on their account took a backseat and now need to learn the other supports characters and don’t want to do it, so they are crying about it on the forums.

No offense to Mercy players but I personally know people that literally don’t even use the strafe keys in this game because they never learned how to do it and all they did was play Mercy.

Mercy was so easy to use that someone that didn’t even know how to play first person shooter games on the PC could pick her up and after a while be able to play in competitive-MM effectively.

Blizzard made those changes to Mercy and all of those players I know dropped like bricks.


So much this statement haha.


Yeah, basically. :joy: They even mass flag users that are known for supporting Mercy. I know one that’s suspended right now, THE Mercy, ironically, just because they said Douche and mentioned getting suspended before. It’s absolutely ridiculous around here


This sums it up to a large degree. The part I get annoyed with is it’s nonstop like some social justice movement without respect to everyone else and it actually drives people off the forums to other places like Reddit. Because she was a “must-pick” and being a blonde cheerleader that apparently a lot of Mercy mains associate with, she’s very “personal” to them. No longer being the head cheerleader, but just one of the pack I think is a large part of the underlying frustration… it’s a loss of status… and you know how people are when it comes to that…


Apparently the solution is to create more of them, requesting to create less of them…
Not interested in a thread - do not read it/click on it.


Problem is that it makes it harder to find threads that are interesting.


They silenced me for saying that word too.

If it isn’t allowed, why isn’t it censored? There are much worse words we can actually say, and there’s even a middle finger emoji :rofl:


Whatever the reason, Mercy players were ignored in the beginning as well, so… I’d hardly say the devs started to ignore them after over a year because of a lot of posts.


I have posts saying the same thing from like last November…it was honestly just as bad then…


or just ban them :man_shrugging:


I’ve been wondering why we have that middle finger emoji, actually. I do love me a middle finger, but if someone’s not suspended for using that but suspended for typing a word that’s not automatically censored, then just… what?? That word isn’t even censored on TV but the middle finger usually is. What is and is not allowed here is really inconsistent.


Oh yes, let’s ban people for giving feedback. Good idea!


ARE we even allowed to actually use the middle finger emoji?

I want to use it ALOT, but I see it as a definite silence :rofl:


Yeah, I know! I really want to test it but I also really don’t want to be suspended. :no_mouth:


What and mercy mains don’t do that which they claim to be victim of then? :wink:


It’s D.Va all over again, we got up to 15-16 megathreads of exactly the same thing until Blizzard just stepped in and put a stop to it.

It’s not feedback anymore though, it’s exactly the same thing over and over that Blizzard has stated won’t happen.
At this point it’s just spam and last I checked spamming the forums with the same topic over and over warranted a ban or at least a silence.


I mean, thats what happens when you keep ignoring the problem from the get go. The megathread has been here for at least a year already, none of the feedback has been taken into consideration and the devs made it worse with the latest patch.

The latest patch was like putting a small bandage on a deep stab wound. Ignoring stuff doesnt fix things, it makes things worse. Who knew :man_shrugging:

Point is, if we want less Mercy posts or discussions, the problem should be addressed properly and done well. It didnt.


I personally only really flag people who use the cult/hive-mind meme :man_shrugging:


My man, it’s been out of hand since she got nerfed in January. Remember when she was “unplayable” and then had the highest pickrate two weeks later in ranked AND OWL? Pepperidge Farm remembers.