invincible ana is better than invincible mercy because ana is more vulnerable than mercy

charging enemy rein after a grav is like one of the first rules as rein lol or breaking shield then graving

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but i mean a nano dragon strike could outdamage transcendence so ana definately isnt as useless as she was before but i think just the rez part makes mercy more attractive for the most people

Yeah, and how does that work? The happy nanites fly through the air back to her and heal her? It has to make sense lore-wise or blizz won’t do it.

Honestly a small climbing type mobility tool would fit her perfectly and give her exactly what she needs.

mercy does nothing aside from healing and rezing

imagine a big fight between the two teams, you throw anti right in the middle healing your team and anti’s their tanks

you’re most likely gonna win that fight all the time, i’ve won several games againts even dive by throwing a good anti

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This is a game. What are you telling about Hanzo? Is that normal that someone on the world can shoots dragons?
Infinity Arrows?

Who said anything about realism? We’re talking about Lore here. In order to create a proper world for characters to live in, the rules that are established have to be followed.

Ana’s Nanites are loaded directly into the syringe and then fired. To gain healing from nothing after that completely goes against the worlds consistency.

ALSO: Before we talk about buffs for her we should wait and see what the current buffs do. TBH healing shots traveling through full HP teammates might be a massive help.

Blizzard has already an answer (from “Heroes of the storm”)

Shrike [Trait]
Basic attacks apply a Dose to non-Structure enemies, dealing an additional 44 (+4% per level) damage over 5 seconds, and stacking up to 5 times.

Every 0.5 seconds, Ana is healed for 50% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Shrike.

Just let her apply one small dose for short time and heal her a bit for it.
Even small numbers would be already a huge change

It fits her her high skill floor and ceiling.

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Here ya go. He says that those weaknesses are part of her kit.

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I love the contradiction:

this gives you certain advantages such as being able to be healed from very long range

A team may opt to run Brigitte or Lucio with Ana to help peel attackers off of her, for example.

How do you peel or protect Ana if you want to utilize her long range?

You could argue that long range healing is so strong it needs a big downside. Being a free kill (yeah you can land a sleepdart but come on how comon is it?) is too much


She is literally the only healer without it :confused:

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So redesign it so it as a pin on it

Yes pls

and since when abilities like resurrect, all zen abilities, all moira abilities, dragon blade, dragon strike, rocket barrage, reaper’s teleport, and some more abilities make sense lore-wise?

What you do is you put your Lúcio next to her. That’s what Dive compositions do with her and Zenyatta. Lucio has a gun and can move fast enough to help other heroes as well if necessary, but his peel potential also allows Ana to survive.

The problem is not between fights, it’s during teamfights.
If Ana heals from long range, Lucio would not be fast enough to get back to his team when they need him and you would have only 4 people against 6 in the fight

5 against 6. Ana is fighting. Plus, Lucio only comes back if Ana is in danger, making it a 5v5.

Are you…actually hecking kidding me here? Moira’s abilities all come from the tech she herself made.

Genji and Hanzo have literal lore videos and comics and in-game things that talk about the Shamada clan and their control of dragons. Rocket Barrage…is rockets out of her suit that clearly opens up and has been shown in many instances to do so. She’s a soldier in a suit designed to do that.

Reaper is some kind of Wraith-man likely rooted in science that’s supposed to be mysterious. He has, however, been shown again in other media to be able to do that. It’s part of who he is.

Allowing Ana random healing out of nowhere or shield out of nowhere is not part of who she is in anything.

Stop reaching. It has to either
A. Make sense lore wise
B. Make actual logical sense in some way

Example, Reaper heals off of damaging others because he’s a reaper as in taking life from others. doesn’t have lore about shooting missiles, but it makes perfect sense for a robot to shoot missiles.

The things you’re suggesting are neither. What suggests that this small old lady in a cloak should have the things you suggest?

Give her E a passive ability that essentially lets her regen hp when her E is off CD. Kind of like Mercy’s passive but less potent.

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Maybe if she sits still while her E is off cooldown she drinks out of her healing potion/bomb thing and it regenerates her. That’d be kind of neat. or maybe she can hold E and instead of throwing the grenade, she takes a swig, which heals only her with no AoE but only has half cooldown.

and here you are wrong. Once someone questioned devs about zen’s orbs and they replied “not everything has to make sense in lore. Some of the things are just used for gameplay” or something like that. Sorry i do not remember where did i saw it nor do i have link