ALERT! European players may be experiencing disconnections!

Blizzard Customer Service of Europe has recently tweeted out they are currently investigating disconnections for Overwatch.

Please head for the official European Technical Support Forum where you will be able to discuss and find details about these issues. As always please avoid Competitive Play, any disconnections will still result in penalties and cannot be reversed. Click here for details about this policy.

EU Blizzard Customer Support is asking for help to trace down the network problem. Head for this thread for details:

It is a tiny bit too late like 6-9 hours late but at least it is something

Precautionary bump before I go to bed to keep this floating. As an update, it sounds like this is a network node issue which is why it is affecting a high majority of players. Again please head for the thread that I have linked above in order to help the EU team find the source of this problem.


Gone to bed, so no more responses for me for the day/night… dreaming that this problem will clear up quickly…