ALERT: Blizzard investigating connection issues to PlayStation users

Hey everyone,

As a friendly alert, Blizzard is currently investigating issues for all PlayStation players (worldwide) getting connected to the authentication servers for Overwatch. This may also cause disconnections as you attempt to play the game, so please remember to avoid Competitive Play at this time to ensure that you do not take any unnecessary leaver penalites. Remember these penalties cannot be reversed.

From what I have been told the PC, Xbox 1/X/S, and Switch platforms are fine at this time.


I haven’t had a problem this whole day

Europe pc are having massive disconections. I made a thread saying so.

Curious, I did directly ask Blizzard Customer Service and they reported PC for Europe should be fine. Which I found suprising as worldwide PlayStation 4 and European PC share the same “Authentication Servers” (the servers used to verify your account before you start playing the game).

Thanks for the warning.