Account temporarily suspended from comp despite rejoining match?

Hey, I hit comp accidentally and I immediately exit my game window in order to not join a match and I reopened my window to see if I did infact, join a game. I rejoined my game, but then the game kicks me immediately after and now I’m temporarily suspended? I mean I get it’s supposed to punish leavers but I’ve left a comp game once and came back for the second half and that’s the only time I’ve left, ever.

So why did the game kick me when I rejoined my match, is what I’m asking. Why?

If you take more than 2 minutes to rejoin a match, its still penalized. The time you are gone harms your team’s ability to win the game, and the rule is in place to prevent abusive leavers from trying to return in order to avoid the penalty (regardless of match result). More information:

Thank you!

This system is over-bearing. I have been in WAY more games where someone left and we lost than I have been in games where someone lost because I left, yet due to a stubborn router I have found myself with a permanent ban. I have seen 2 24 hour bans, and one 48 hour suspension. After that 48 hour ban, I was permanently banned. Now keep in mind, this is over the course of more than two years. It’s supposed to be based on a ratio of games completed to games left. I have about 2000 hours of successful play. There is no way my ratio can be anything but diluted by all the good play I’ve done.

My recommendation is get this game out of your system as fast as possible. It will teach you to hate, it will leave you wounded, then they will poor salt in that wound with a smile on their faces telling you they don’t intend to do that. What on earth is solved by banning anyone from a game that is at best unstable frequently? What good is a ban of more than 2 hours? Who is going to get on any game just to leave once every two hours? This leaver policy is a non-solution to an irritation involving competitive pay. It should never result in a permanent ban. Nothing over 2 hours will change the number of leavers in this game.

Save your $60!

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