Account got wiped when logging into ow2

Same, played since launch, Frist on ps4 than on Xbox linked both accounts and everything ist gone 100s of dollars worth of stuff. Even bought the watchpoint pack and it says I don’t own it. I can only log in on pc when starting the game on Xbox after the queue is finished nothing happens.


2000 hrs on PS4, 1500 hrs on D.Va alone and additional 1676 hrs since crossplay + $500 spent on lootboxes. Come the F on Blizz. I tried this merge thing that’s grayed out and when i check my battlenet, everything is linked and it’s even showing that i played D2 just last month with the wife. Jfc. I know it’s just a game but this is really making me upset.


Hey guys, same issue here. But I don’t really remember that this sms staff before start was about account linking etc, I thought it was security stuff. Anyway, got empty account on PS4, if it turns out there is no way to bring my stuff back it would be tragedy for me.


Same issue here.

An OG player, my entire account has been wiped - thinks I’m a new player.

Xbox and blizzard account has been linked for years.

Beta worked fine, had all my stats.

Also preordered S1 and packs, they are not available either.


I was thinking when i loaded the PS5 version (OW2) that it somehow did an overwrite or whatever until i speculated more about this because it seems strange that my profile is suddenly empty? It seems there are lots on reddit post/s about the wipe on xbox / ps and i really hope that Blizz will pay attention because this ####### thing is really frustrating.


Exactly. I have absolutely no skins, emotes, sprays, anything at all. And it does say “account merge completed”…I’m worried.


wiped account everything gone… Blizzard fix this asap!


Welcome to the club fellas. It’s time to start fresh

Just logged on all of my progression is deleted i have been playing from the start blizzard please fix this


Same for me, whole progress of 4 years is gone


It’s not wiped. Not deleted. Not gone. It’s a bug.

It’s says “some cosmetics” but not overall progress.


When will this be fixed my whole entire profile has been wiped


They said they’re working on it but there’s no ETA.

I daresay they’re working on getting everyone into the game first, as many still cannot log in (myself included).

Same here bro. What a messed up way to ruin a beloved game. No skins no progress. Its like i never played OverWatch. I hate it


Thought thid was just me thank god others are the same, all my years hard work gone! No motivation to play if im level 1

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Same, PS4 to PS5, all progress gone. Quoted bug description completely inaccurate for the issue.


Same here, my whole account has been wiped and im starting at level 1 again. Im gonna cry, I cant even play my main (symmetra) and all the stuff i got for her is gone. Im on xbox myself


It’s not gone. It’s a bug.

At least you can log in! I’m also on Xbox but have just passed hour 14 of not being able to log in…