According to the new patchnotes. Sombra being able to contest in stealth was a "bug"


Next patch: Fixed a “bug” that allowed Symmetra to teleport objects such as turrets and D.vas mech…

They’d do it too…


aaaaaaaaaah just like how moira was able to heal through barrier and it was called a bug and fixed many months later…
I don’t know what i’m expecting from them anymore…


I’d actually be interested in documenting everything that was labelled as a bug incorrectly. So far we have:

  • Lucio gaining speed with wallrides
  • Moira healing through barriers
  • Mercy damage boosting certain projectiles
  • Sombra contesting objectives in stealth

What are we missing?


Fixed a bug that allowed moira to heal through barriers, remember that one, this isn’t anything new but it’s still just as pathetic.

Edit: i guess you already know from the post above me😂 and for more so called “bug fixes”, Reinhardt can’t animation cancel with this new patch and he can no longer shield jump effectively, both of those “bugs” have been there since launch and he feels terrible to play presently, they didn’t even have the guts to put them in the patch notes.


PTR sombra was changed so she could not contest objectives while invisible anymore as compensation for getting infinite invisibility, since otherwise she could infinitely contest points if she just dodged around the bullets and nobody could find her unless by luck.

This change was very much intended but it was apparently bugged, so they fixed it.


I mean, it was in the PTR notes from a month ago. They were upfront about it.


It was NOT a wrongly labeled bug, even a developer post here on the forums said clearly that with infinite stealth Sombra shouldn’t be able to contest objectives.

Quit misinformation. They said clearly this change will go through.


[quote=“Tenor-11929, post:38, topic:170307”]
They were upfront about it
[/quote]They also explicitly list that the ability to contest while stealth was a bug and has been patched out.

They may be referring to a bug in the PTR build where post-nerf Sombra can still contest in stealth, but they don’t explicitly say that.


It’s a bug for the current Sombra. It was said clearly in the patch notes that they have changed that (contesting while inv). It seems that she could still contest some objectives, so in all definitions that is a bug now.


This ISN’T misinformation though. This is exactly how it’s been printed on the official website

I should also note since last night they’ve slipped it in as a feature. It was NOT there yesterday when they put up the official patchnotes.


Like i said, it was not wrongly labeled as a bug. It is a bug for the current Sombra, not the past one.


Then why on earth did they later decide to “ammend” the patchnotes?


I don’t know and i don’t see how it relates to this. They probably forgot to add all patch notes, i don’t know.

It was said in the patch notes that this is no longer something Sombra should do, even in a developer comment weeks before. It was nothing surprising and it’s in fact a bug right now. Before it was a feature indeed.


Ugh, you know, as frustrating and demoralizing as their balancing is, what truly angers me is the blatant lack of respect they have for us as players.


I think you are jumping the gun here. The change that Sombra can no longer contest was listed under hero updates. Also it was public knowledge before the patch notes. Then in bugs it said fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to contest, so it would make sense that there was a bug after the balancing changes.


I wonder if it was actually a bug at first and they were just left it in.

Its weird that they word stuff like that though.


Wait… they fixed a Sombra bug?!
I don’t believe you.


Sounds like Blizzard made a mistake and corrected it. The patch notes also initially said that the detection radius was increased to 4m. Different groups handle game balance and public communications. That’s not an excuse for sloppiness, but I wouldn’t call it dishonesty.


Maybe there was a bug that allowed a Sombra to bypass the new “no-contest” system, and Blizzard is directly addressing that…

Actually I just checked

Patch notes have the no-contest in both her character changes and the bug section, stating that there was a side-bug to this thing as I wrote at the beginning.


This was ammended in the patchnotes since the thread was made. Initially it listed the change as a bug fix.