About the Pink Mercy

do you think they will ever bring back the pink mercy skin?

We actually got an official dev to come out and say that they have no plan in bring Pink Mercy back.


Aww… maybe they should make another skin like that for another hero

That is 100% acceptable and more practical.


They could bring it back now that they can charge {sum of money} for it.

They will. You see how desperate they are for money? It is only a matter of time.

I think there may be something nefarious going on with “Komen for the Cure”.

Maybe Pink Mercy isn't coming back

Pink Mercy was a fundraiser for the BCRF, all proceeds were donated.

Sony was blasted when they tried to tax the donations that came from Pink Mercy sales on PlayStation. Activision Blizzard knows if they ever try to profit from Pink Mercy they will dig their own grave.

They could re-release it as another donation drive, but they can’t earn anything from it.

I hope not, Imma gatekeep it


That has nothing to do with them making money on it in the future.

Are you not paying attention lately in terms of what people will buy from them and at what costs?

Unless they have a contract with BCRF that explicitly states this (and a charity like that wouldn’t have the power to enforce such a dumb thing, nor would they care), Blizzard can and does whatever it wants with its own stuff. 10-15 years down the line do you think anyone (except the weirdos who have massive erections for total skin exclusivity while not needing to do anything unique to get that exclusive skin) will care if they charge for full profit on Pink Mercy?


Since it’s a collaborative skin it more than likely won’t come back since it’s not just in Blizzard’s ownership, similar to how Lego Bastion was.


Unless you can convince them to do another breast cancer collab, very unlikely. Even if they do, they may not bring back the skin but make a new skin instead. It really depends.


It’d be cool if they brought it back and made it a mythic for an additional awareness. We had just passed it, but I think teal (ovarian cancer) would have been a good opportunity.

Keep possibly bringing it back/adding on to it over time - each time in donation to the charity focused for it at the time. The mythic side of it being just small cosmetic changes to it that let people customize and show which ones the particularly support.



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Probably for 37.50 USD plus tax.

They don’t let you earn skins anymore :slight_smile: 60 coins a week y’all

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lol yeah i feel that

Yes I do

really you think so😭

I do indeed believe it will be re-released at some point

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Damn I’d be happy but at the same time I feel like some of the community will be upset😭