About server issue

Something unfair happened when I played Overwatch.
The server was disconnected while I played the game.
My Internet had not have any problems, and this has never happened before. This caused mental damage, and everything, including my efforts ,hope, and time, became pointless.
What I want is for my score to be restored to its original state. Unfortunately, my score of 50 disappeared due to server problem. If you see this letter, please reply to me.

Thank you.
Replay code : JFKZPA

Leaver suspensions and SR reductions for disconnections, regardless of the cause, cannot be reverted. Details of this policy can be found here:

Yeah there’s nothing that can be done when it comes to server issues, if they are occurring simply avoid competitive for a bit until they’re fixed.

You can check if it’s your connection easily as well (usually fiber optic ethernet connections are fine but every half a year or so issues arise and it’s due to things outside of our control such as internet sea cables breaking).