A Mercy Rework or Revert

Revert and let’s pretend that debacle never happened. And keep the flight during ult.


I haven’t seen anyone calling Aria Rose an unbiased source. That said, biased does not mean wrong and bias is not a good reason to invalidate a source. Good points are still good points regardless of their author’s motivations.


You’re not getting the point. I’ve said it multiple times. She’s NOT useless garbage. She’s still powerful in certain situations. I just don’t get how you expect them to make every hero viable in every situation. It’s impossible. The easier heroes should be more niche than the heroes that require more skill. That is the only way to balance the game that is both logical and possible.

And by the way, you CAN climb to gm with any hero if you’re the best at them. But the other 99% of us should not see one tricking the easiest hero in the game as a viable way of getting to the highest rank.

She only gets played if there’s a pharah, bastion, or widow so she can pocket them, not even heal the rest of her team. Literally every other support can be played in 10x more situations and has way more impact and at least can do their job of healing the team. Another support has to switch if they’re being countered, but with mercy there’s not even anything to counter cuz she just sucks that much naturally now that you have to switch lol. Also, what about rein? He takes as much mechanical skill as mercy and just like mercy he mostly relies on game sense and positioning, so based on that he should be an “easy” hero, but he’s actually one of the most difficult heroes. And his pickrate has been the highest for like 20 years even when mercy was OP. He works in almost every situation, cuz he’s the main tank, just like mercy was supposed to be the main healer. And I don’t think mercy should be a must pick and I think it’s great ana is getting some love, but I definitely think they could’ve just buffed ana and left mercy alone and it would’ve left mercy at least playable in more situations while still letting ana dominate. Also, as a console player, no one plays ana, it doesn’t matter how good your aim is, ana’s pick rate is below almost every support even in masters and gm on console. So basically on console people have to pick between moira, who is very niche, or mercy, who is very niche now, and in so many situations there’s not a great option for a main healer. I have been playing ana personally but I’ve felt and seen this issue in many games

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Mercy needs another rework, as just bringing back Mass Rez will put us back at square one. Instead, we should go with the rework suggested in Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

It addresses the issues people had with Mass Rez and adds a much-needed E ability.


That’s a rather lazy excuse to keep bad hero design. Also, that highlight intro isn’t called “Resurrect”, it just shows Mercy gliding down and healing/helping/saving someone as she raises her hand. She does the same thing in a cinematic to help a young girl (who is very much alive). That animation could be recycled for any other ability.

And they’ve already changed her achievement one with the rework, I’m sure they’d had no problem changing it again.


Yeah, what if D.Va couldn’t DM longer tha–
Oh wait, forgot they gutted that.

Anyways, OP, I think the attachment to rez is highly limiting. Should just go imo.

What should be done is reworking Resurrect as a mechanic and moving it back to an ult. Maybe something similar to a Kindred ult from League, etc.

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I think people should look at League, WoW, etc as they have more in common with what Mercy does in Overwatch than say something from name your FPS.

Overwatch ofc is an amazing game because Blizzard blurred the lines between Ability based games and FPS’s with certain heroes leaning more towards one those two game types which Mercy leans towards Ability based.

Anyway I think Rez’s current and past mechanics are too afterthefact and therefore either too strong (as current Rez) or too weak unless buffed to nearly no counter-play (old Rez) since Old Rez only worked if teammates were dead and that meant that a team had to lose a fight first before Mercy could get maximum use out of Rez and tempo Rezzing is not getting the most out of the Ultimate.

I think the thread Titanium wrote addressed the problems of the Old Rez by providing something for living teammates therefore allowing maximum utilization of her Ultimate without requiring teammates to be down (also allows for more non-optimal use of the Ultimate ie “wasting it” which means that a player has to more considerate about using Mercy’s reworked Ultimate).

Valk BTW, solves the issues “maximum utilization of her Ultimate without requiring teammates to be down” but it creates several issues with her game play by making Mercy “too easy to play” via removing nearly all power checks on her base kit which ends up giving her passive power which is not engaging because it gives away effectiveness for little effort or thought.


What niche does she really have aside from pocketing a widow or phara? Any other niche than that can be filled with lucio/moira/ana/zen. Also, i personally think the easiest hero in OW spot goes to brigette more than mercy.


No Mercy is not meant to be a “niche” hero per the Devs since she is to be the “go to pick for raw healing” and the current balance is the result of making Mercy too consistent and easy in the via the Rework.

Mercy is only “fine” to you since you care not for the hero’s design and only care not to see her played based on the tone of your posts here.

She should be made more difficult to play and require more engagement to play well.


Wasnt that developer comment made prior to three healers being put in the game though?

The game has evolved and more heros can contest her main healer role. Not just Lucio or Zen (who are both off healers) and her only competition for that spot when Mass Rez was still implemented (Ana may have been around towards the latter half but I cant quite remember).

What’s wrong with her having a niche? The game has quite a few niche heros and being such doesnt make them inherently bad.

Hold your horses. One “one tricking” is not a key to GM or any rank for that matter. If you don’t have the skill you will not rank up. And the system tracks statistics so it’s natural for someone that has 500+h on a hero to get better with that hero.
Mercy was easy to use hard to master. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem was and will always be the res so the only way for that problem to be solved in blizzard’s eyes was to make Mercy so weak that the res is not worth it.
She was made to be the pure healer so it’s not good that she is OK in some situations. And to be honest this “we want all heroes to be viable at all times” thing is getting annoying and it’s starting to impact the game in a negative way.


It makes no sense that a pure support like mercy is overtaken by moira and almost on par with ana, because you see from the data (which we all do) mercy does not contribute from the global damage and the global killings of his team.
His pick makes sense only as off support and baby sitter of a single dps. To think that a main support should only follow a dps and not think about its team, is insane.
All this because of the rez on E. Rez is a very powerful skill, but now it is contradicting the natural role of mercy. Rez must come back as an ultimate, even single. Valkyria must be eliminated. Rez single in ultimate makes it a low choice, but with the return to 60 hps (or even a 65 hps buff), it brings mercy back to its role of pure support.

Ah okay I see.

If anything I’d like to see it changed to 55hps and while I’m not 100% sold on old rez coming back due to changes to the hero roster and what not im game to try it.

That being said isnt it possible that your undervaluing damage boost a bit? When we look at Mercy from a pure healing standpoint she doesnt touch Moira in terms of flat AoE (however thats her respective role) or Ana in single target anymore but shes still much more reliable and survivable (then at least Ana).

She seems to be more of a jack of all trades master of none which comes with it’s own issues. Heros like that often find it hard to carve out a niche if they arent edging out everything else when they are strong.

She still in large part is a pure support just not on top in raw healing. Being niche isnt a bad thing especially for a hero that was core for such a long time.

Personally, I think people who look at Damage boost from an outside perspective OVERVALUE it. Mercy doesn’t get a “damage amplified” card anymore, so people other than Mercy don’t actually see how little it contributes compared to another support who can do their own DPS. Unless you’re focusing solely on damage-boosting, you’re lucky to break 1k

It’s good in combination with discord, or a Widow/McCree that can land shots

Forgive me, but you’re ignoring the problem posed. If I have a pure support that does not do damage does not kill and behind others in average healing (besides the insufficient healing burst), why should I take it? In any case, except as a baby sitter to pharah and widowmaker, but do you realize that it is unhealthy as an idea? Do you realize that using two main supports, just to justify the pick of mercy, is wrong because you risk losing by not having a defensive ultimate?
The damage boost generally has an average match of 1000 damage, sometimes even 2000, but is not comparable to the damage of the other support. Mercy must have an average healing higher than all, at the same time maintaining a low healing burst compared to ana and moira, but with 50 hps it is too low with the current global damage of OW.

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using aria rose as a good role model or example for mercy players

Aria rose is the definition of mercy. If youre going to preach anyone who actually does have valuable discussion and good ideas.

Titanium is a lot better than aria rose.

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You deserve the ban from the forum, it is offensive to a person and does not count for anything on this discussion.