A Mercy revert could revive Overwatch


matey i haven’t gotten hate once after the rework


No, just no. Mass rez was unhealthy for the game. Stop with the doomsday threads. Every change = Mercy is now dead. Except she is not. Guess who is dead actually - Symmetra.



Every nerf = Mercy is fine and balanced now!

Except she is not xd


It was not a bad thing at all. Please remember that it wasn’t a week long fad and was in the game for over a year. I honestly can’t remember anyone saying Mercy was in a terrible state or unhealthy for the game before the rework bandwagon began.


Symmetra is far from death, and that is coming from a Sym main. She is still a niche pick, and maybe she could use some tweaks, like maybe extend the beam even more, from 12 to 13, and the tick rate could get changes as well, but other than that, she is just fine


i have fun playing her. her ult isn’t everything, i enjoy her kit that makes her very mobile and the reason I enjoy her. of course it would be nice for her to be balanced as well but we still waitin for blizzard to say something, megalul. but as long as im having fun without receiving hate then im all good :3


The lack of supports, and the death of Ana launched this Rework, backed up by the invincibility buff in february 2017


Reverting Mercy with LOS fixes would be optimal. Until Rez is off of E and back on ulti, Mercy will be a must pick. She is boring and dull to use. #RevertMercy


0.84% pickrate sure is fine :rofl:


well I’m not receiving as much hate. in fact I’m not even receiving any lmao


I completely disagree. A mercy revert won’t revive Overwatch.

But what would revive OW? If they would decide to fix and buff all the trash heroes and actually listen to the community and stop banning innocent people, yea that would revive the game.


Be thankful it is not 0% or even 0.33% like some months ago


wouldn’t it be better to called it a re-worked revert? so many people think we want her just reverted and that’s misleading aha.


True, a revert with tweak or if you want to call it a rework. Either way, Mercy def needs to be fixed for OW to be healthy again. At least it would be a step towards it.


Uhm…yeah, no.


agreed. and really like your vids for stating good points, keep up with the good content <3


I mean, this is the sh!tiest rework since the launch. How can you consider this a good rework if you keep nerfing that character over and over again, yet STILL being meta after all of this? Girl unacceptable, can’t relate.


Its reaching pretty far to say a revert will “save” this game.


Thank you so much <3


Pickrate is not everything, you know? Old Sym went from OP to garbage in a matter of seconds in a match. But now, she is much more balanced. It is just that the meta doesn’t favour her that much