📋 A Manuscript of Changes I want to see added to Improve the Overall Health of the Game and it's Community

I take offence to this exact statement.

In no way should less text mean a better point.

When a lot has to be said, then a lot will be written.


You need to add more of these

For Each Section and Character

That way the wall of text won’t bother that much people and people get to read the sections for characters they wanna look at. Also it makes the post a lot smaller.

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Well no, it wouldn’t be a better point, it would just be easier to read and easier to get across

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Yes but your goal was for her to play defensive, and yet you buffed her offensive capabilities

That was more out of confusion than anything, for instance, how big is the cone does it stack with her deal damage inspire, does it heal Brigitte too, there just didn’t seem to be enough information associated with this part of the passive for me to give a definitive response on

You say that but you bring back the 155 damage combo which was just removed, which is one of the reason I think you wrote that huge paragraph below it before making the changes and than just went the complete otherway for quite a few of them

Which the burst damage heroes can get through unless you mean the snipers, both of which you nerfed their shield bust capabilities, otherwise burst damage heroes like Junkrat Pharah and the rest can already get through her barrier easily and kill her, it’s a nerf for the sake of a non burst heroes, not burst heroes like you said

Sometimes a larger problem is never going to be easy to get across. :confused:

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Then try Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State. It’s even bigger.

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I like the new ideas, a lot. But balance changes are way off, the Mercy changes are huge, Ana changes will put her back to where she was 4 months ago. Making Brigitte a squishy is an awful idea, and the Reaper change is laughable.

Let me tell you something partner, Ana and Reinhardt doesn’t need any nerf. And the Sombra nerfs outweighs the buffs, unacceptable. The Tracer blink nerf is just an overkill, she doesn’t deserve that.

I say you keep making those awesome new ideas, but for heavens sake stay away from hero balance.


I like some of the ideas, but for the most part, the hero changes make them less unique and takes away from the core premise of Overwatch.

i have read multiple Governmental and military documents over the years and honestly im glad that the op kept things so short and to the point. i may have issues with some of the points presented but im thankfull that it was brief and to the point.


Terrible idea. Those forgiving healbox’s are still more of a hindrance than helpful.

You want the main healer with the lowest average heals per game to heal less?

Not a bad idea, but not needed either.

With healing so strong it gave us that horrible one shot meta, and being in such a tank heavy meta that’s reliant on healing, you want to get rid of one of the only things that counters that?

Honestly, I’m okay with this. I really didn’t think she needed that buff to begin with.

ehh… having things like this that can affect the hero so drastically be optional is bad for a game that’s trying to make it big in esports.

You do notice that these are basically reverting all the buffs that came as tradeoffs to the nerfs, right? Crippling her M1 range but not fixing the wind-up, doubling the charge rate on her M2 to just make THAT not worth using anymore either, halving the HP of turrets that are already too easy to destroy due to their compression, removing the ability to escape ults with it in exchange for a minor improvement to deploy delays.

This is basically taking the only things that Symm 3.0 tried to improve upon and ripping it out.

Symm needs buffs, not even harsher nerfs than the rework already was.


No I didn’t. I just didn’t quote them; I quoted the most problematic aspect of your idea for a change to Sombra. Why post your ideas about hero changes if you don’t want input from others – especially Sombra mains – on how your proposed changes would affect the hero?

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I don’t like any of those changes. No thanks

You made A LOT of effort, and I like a lot of your Ideas (like the scoreboard).

Unfortunately, I think because it is that much a lot of people (including the OW Team) will skip it

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There are chile and brazil servers

But its not common that us spanish speakers get matchmaked with brasilians and we struggle hard to communicate

We tend to try english or just say basic callouts since both lenguages are similar

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well said . and i like the changes

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I enjoy the Orisa recommendations able to pull bastion. Well created thread KUDOS! I think a map maker would be pretty interesting but probably really difficult for Blizzard to do.

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you realize the “changes” to junkrat is way more nerf then a buff, HE JUST NEEDS his primary fire size back to what it was, keep the 2nd mine because he needs the mobility and because of the falloff of it, and tire is fine as a fast charge rate because you are vulnerable to every flanker and their mother when you use it, announce exactly where you are when you cast it and the tire itself can be completely stopped by just shooting it WHICH can be one shot by widow and hanzo and nearly instakilled by many other heroes

The anthologies won’t be out until sometime in 2020. I’ve had several publishers contact me with offers in the past six months, with deadlines for summer to fall of 2019 for the stories. So given publishing turn around time, I imagine 2020 since they have to edit everyone and put the books together.

Beyond that, I just left the Table-Top RPG industry in the past year (I was there since the early 2000s) and returned to full-time fiction writing for the first time in 20 years. My first new novel (in all that time) comes out January/February 2019. It’s a super-hero novel called: Prize Not the Mask.

For my own novels and stuff, I am Amazon exclusive so I can be part of the KindleUnlimited program.

You gut hero’s and have some terrible ideas for hero balance