A curse or blessing

Every time I boot up overwatch, after 5+ minutes it freezes then crashes. And by crash, it doesn’t let me know it’s not responding, it FREEZES my ENTIRE computer, alt tab doesn’t work, alt f4 doesn’t work NOTHING works. I have watched every video and article about this and tried EVERYTHING. To uninstalling, to installing the steam version, to going to cmd, to scan and repair, to scanning and repairing on steam, playing on windowed, turning off nvidia reflex, everything. Give me a solution and I’ll probably tell you I’ve tried it. And this only happens on this game and this game only. I do not know why. Please help.

Can you add a DxDiag here? Otherwise we’re troubleshooting blindly.

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Did you find a solution? Same issue here since the launch of season 6…

There’s a few known issues about freezes, I would check those.

If they don’t apply, you can pull a ticket, and/or make a post with more details.

As nicole said, we need more details. So…

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