🛠 A complete list of all the Mei bugs

Hey Bloggerman.

What do you think about moving Mei to the Tank category, for the purposes of RoleQ/LFG?

I would be against it.

Sure, Mei could be a tank if her kit was adjusted to it, but I already considered Mei balanced in her current state. I would hate to see it change.

Let me ask you a question as well. If Mei did became a tank, what would she be? A main tank or an off-tank?

Don’t change her kit at all, just move her to the Tank portion of the hero select.

And offtank.

But her healthpool has to be increased if she is going to become a tank. But then her Cryo-Freeze might need to be increased as well.

But Mei could definitely work as a tank.

Mei already is a better offtank than Roadhog.

And she already has a psuedo 400hp pool, and tons of damage prevention tools.

Bug 2.5 has been fixed on PTR:

Interesting list, but those Mei bugs are just not that common. I have over a hundred hours on my main account playing her and never once have I been hacked, or stunned in Cryofreeze, or teleported around the map, or destroyed someone’s objects with the wall, ever. I do suspect I have seen on one or two occasions the ult problems, but I always chalked it up to it being eaten by a D.va DM. It’s a good list, I am just not sure the frequency is that big an issue…

You’re not wrong.
(Especially the teleporting around the map on an Icewall is extremely rare.)

But nevertheless are they bugs that needs to be addressed. Might as well keep a list of it.

Are there new bugs?
Did something got fixed?

These ones are new:

But I also noticed a hidden PTR change.

Mei and her Iceblock becomes see-through when the camera comes closer.

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Gotta nerf her wall though
And buff her primary damage for some reason

despite neither of these being her main issues.

I don’t fully understand it as well, but I guess they wanted to make her more like a DPS’er and les tanky. She has the lowest average damage of all the DPS’ers and tanks. Maybe to make her stronger against tanks???

Just a guess though.

If the damage increase does make them freeze faster, that’s okay

Still think her wall should have the lower hp, BUT add a 6th pillar to it to compensate

They nerfed it to give it more counterplay. I don’t think they will add a 6th pillar because of this.

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After some more testing did I discover another bug fixed.

It's bug 1.3 that got fixed.