🛠 A complete list of all the Mei bugs


That list mostly made sense to me—basically anything that can’t go through an enemy barrier also couldn’t go through Cryo Freeze (Transcendence and Nano Boost being exceptions).

If I remember correctly (which I very well may not), I think they’ve updated it since then to allow Ana’s shots, Nano Boost, and Transcendence to go through it, which seems appropriate except for Ana’s shots. Moira’s spray definitely still doesn’t work.

Howabout when you queue up icewall, hit the button and nothing happens? I love that one.


If you have some recordings of this then I will gladly add it to the list.

I’m not entirely sure how to prove it other than recording my mouse hand at the same time… I just know during a lot of clutch wall placements, usually after that “surround the cryofrozen mei” cluster, I see the placement indicator , hit M1 and nothing happens. I’ll see what I can figure out.


Here is a video of supercharger being destroyed by a friendly ice wall. Applies to venom mine, and minefield as well.

Ice wall should still destroy the unfriendly ones because that’s part of what makes it so strong utility wise, but it should not happen for friendly abilities :frowning:


I don’t have a video of it myself but can probably search for it on either fitzy or jardio’s stream where the wall, while it’s already there, doesn’t block projectiles, including hitscan. (and this bug may be related to the teleportation bug, I feel)

The thing with Icewall is that it’s not an instant ability. It being created from the ground up at a fast rate. This is why you can lift players up.

Latency can affect this a lot. If it has already been build on your screen, could the wall still be in the build process on the enemy’s screen. Bullets and projectiles could fly over it when it’s still being build on their screen resulting in you getting hit by it despite the wall already been build on your screen.

Thanks. I have added it.
This one should definitely be fixed because it affects her teammates more than Mei.

none of those bugs is as broken as Junkrats tire killed = Junkrat killed bug…
Sometimes my tire gets killed and Junkrat himself just dies. I died a few times like this in spawn after using tire from spawn point.

Thing is, it always appears on everyone, even the one shooting’s screen, before the shot goes and doesn’t block it. If by design it is meant to not block it yet, then it should have an indicator of some sort, such as transparency.

That’s a new one. But maybe make a post about that in itself? This is specifically a list of mei bugs, after all.

This sounds like a terrible bug.

To be honest, I haven’t encountered this bug myself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Please record it the next when it happens. And if you already have, please post it a (different) thread. I would love to see it.

did a topic over 6 months ago, got totally ignored

May I have a link to that thread?
I would love to see the bug.

Side note to this: While Cryo-Freeze does not remove the trap, building an icewall beneath yourself does remove it. (At least it used to, I haven’t checked in some time to see if this is something that’s still active.)

It still is.

The visual bug 2.2 has been fixed on the PTR.

This bug has also been fixed on PTR:


I have another one to add:

I already mentioned in bug 1.2 that you can get teleported around the map if you are lifted by an Icewall. It seems it also works on teammates.