8/19 - Connection to server lost / Unable to connect


I would also recommend waiting at least 10 seconds between turning your modem off and on


it is a worldwide issue, so to have all these people to all have the same problem with their routers at the same is a very small chance


it seems to be an issue with Americas region, I can connect to Asia fine and it throws me into qp or the training map.


Too funny :rofl:… but also too real :sob:


it seems to be only one of the server stack on the Americans server, as i have mates who are playing comp and QP , while i cant even get pasted the login screen


Hey all,

Thanks for the reports, we are looking into this now. Please feel free to post a traceroute ran to to help us gather info. When posting the traceroute please select the entire post and hit the Preformatted text button (looks like </>) which should allow links.

We will post updates as they’re available.


Update: New Blizzard post requesting new traceroutes

Connection Issues with Game Server?

It’s been several mouth i have problem to connect to Overwatch, when i lauch the game, i face to “Connexion lost”. I do enter my login/password, and this work sometimes …


Same here, I’m on LAN not wifi (and ethernet shows hours of uptime in the duration with traffic flowing fine everytime I get dropped in Overwatch).
My internet is fine - Spotify keeps streaming okay, the battle net app stays online, all other web services are fine except Overwatch keeps showing “connection lost” within a few minutes from login. Sometimes I’ll be opening a lootbox and it’ll DC me, other times just queued for a match - too scared to even join a game atm cos I cant stay connected for more than 30 seconds.
Noticed a few other reports from other users across forums and twitter today but BlizzCS seem sure everything alright, not really sure whats going on but hopefully it sorts itself out soon.


Yes, getting this now as well. Keeps kicking me out of games with Connection Lost. Twice so far this morning inside 5 minutes of each other.


same, happened to me as of 5minutes ago; twice, one comp and another qp


Sorry to hear that, man. In the time it took me between these posts I lost connection 3 more times. Something is definitely up.


Yeah, prolly not going to bother queuing atm, I just tested logging in and literally doing nothing while monitoring all other internet stuff and Overwatch disconnected me from the main menu within minutes of getting in (connection lost) while everything else was alright, also noticed an increase in reports in the forums now too so hopefully a fix will get prioritized :slight_smile:


I’m barely able to do anything, I get into the training mode and then get kicked. It takes around 1min every time.


Yeah, Ive given up :frowning: same on the timing, like less than a minute and booted, theres a number of threads going now so defs reckon somethings up - hopefully it’ll be fixed soon so I can play tomorrow night but for not not sure if they’ve got people on it yet so not sure how long it’ll be :smiley:


Happening to me right now, cannot even enter training, any mode just times out and i get booted


yep few threads are going, it’s so frustrating and losing SR as well


Hey all, what region is everyone trying to connect to and where are you connecting from? Just country-level location is all I’m asking.


I’m on OCE, not sure about everyone else.


Same I’m on OCE too.


Says my region is Americas.