7v7 instead of 1-3-2

the title says it all

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While not impossible, it’d take a massive overhaul to their systems that are all optimized for 6v6.

Not to mention a ton of rebalancing. And we all know how popular that is these days.

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They already stated they will never go more than 6v6. They actually said 5v5 is far more likely.

Ps4 and Xbox systems cannot take anything more than 6v6. Unless you are willing to pay for the overhaul…

He never said never, nor did he say it’s impossible. Just that it’s very, very unlikely.

I mean, who knows, anything could work. It’s disappointing the devs don’t experiment more, even if that’s probably due to a rational fear of devaluing core game they’ve developed.

I thought they said 5v5 made each kill too impactful?

Too expensive to overhaul an entire system optimized for 12 players.