3000 credits, wasted


Oh wow, two whole meters. She sure is ruined forever. :V

Seriously, if you can’t see the massive scouting potential that Sombra now has, then you either never coordinate with your team or you’re just butthurt that you have to relearn her.


still very true but maybe my “active camo” idea isnt so bad for bastion give him sombra old timed stealth xD


Hmm. In my eyes on the ptr she’s insanely powerful compared to what she was before. You can actually wait for the right chance to strike instead of having 5-6 seconds before getting boned. I mean, right now she fits more in the lore, and has more utility than ever before. You were never supposed to contest the payload with stealth and a non destroy able translocator was stupid to begin with.


idk what button it is on PC but you hit the “back” button on console you can see the whole teams line up at anytime, and it’s pretty obvious which way they are attacking from, not like the spawn room changes locations randomly.

not to mention current live sombra can do exact same thing as infinite stealth sombra


They reduced the falloff damage to all of pharah’s counters and I bought her gold gun yesterday

How do you think I feel!!!


They’re finally getting somewhere, 5 more years and he’ll be a viable character.


The back button won’t tell you that a Reinhardt is in a sneaky spot on Oasis, ready to shatter your whole team as they try to walk back onto the point.

Didn’t realize being invisible for five seconds was exactly the same as being invisible indefinitely. My mistake. :^)


you honestly cant hear the loudest character in the game clanking around, turn up your volume

with invis for 5 seconds and 75% mobility you can peek at the approaching enemy no problem and most times your on high ground anyways so you see it come and can tell your team and dont have to worry about your 20 second translocator being destroyed. 20 seconds is a LONG TIME to be able to retreat safely, now its louder then symmetra old shield generator and makes it extramly easy to find. Clearly all the sombra players with play time have no clue what they are talking about.


You’re lucky. I literally just got her gold gun about 2 weeks ago. What am I supposed to do with that now?


Sure thing.

That’s a buff, but not a necessary buff though. You should still be revealed after taking at least 1 damage.

At least the translocator was not permanent in the first place. And yeah, you’re not supposed to contest if you have infinite Stealth. That makes more sense. Otherwise, what’s wrong with being able to contest if you’re only invisible for a limited time?

I still have a lot of doubts about the new Sombra.


here’s what a good sombra player is capable of with the “current” sombra. When the 50% mobility hits quite a few of these jumps will become impossible


To be fair, you shouldn’t really hunker down on a hero that is highly unstable and will be changed a LOT in the future. It sucks, but it was your choice that could have been prevented. I would just save up and wait until she is actually viable.


This translocator would make this beeping noise, making it easier for the enemy to find it and MELEE it(5hp).

Is this really worse than having an enemy find your translocator and camping around it til you pop up to delete you right then and there?

Plus, I think now you can destroy it yourself (remotely I presume) so that you can place it down someplace more convenient.




I’ll never know when they would “revive” Sombra. Might as well practice McCree instead.

Please leave.


Yeah, rip.
20 charac


Am I the only one who thinks all these Sombra “mains” are way too over dramatic?


True, but they have a reason to. How would you feel if your main was trash tier and Blizzard flat out didn’t care?


No she’s not lmao

Tracer and Genji have done it better and will do it even better after these nerfs.


You’re not. But after everything I’ve heard about the new Sombra, I doubt that she will be any better than she is now. We’ll see.