240hz vs 1440p help me decide! 😄

Hello everyone Id like your opinion and experiences to help me decide between these two type of monitor upgrades to enhance my overwatch experience.

Background info:
I currently play in 1080p at 120hz, my machine is able to pump 250-300 frames in low settings and depending on map and fights going (using a Ryzen 7 and GTX 1080), I currently have a 120hz monitor and loved the responsiveness, Im good at tracking heroes like soldier and got to masters many seasons ago.

Concerns and Interests:
So pretty much Im comparing a 1440p 144hz monitor vs a 1080p 240hz monitor, my concern is comparing the pros and cons of each and feeling unsatisfied with the result, is it big enough difference to go from 120hz to 240hz? , is it a good idea to do 1440p when Blizzard doesnt officially support that resolution properly?

Both monitor upgrades have a similar price and I think Ive got Only one shot at this since I live outside the USA (in Mex) and return policies can potentially be a major pain in the butt.

Any thoughts or insight would be very helpful!

240hz def


240Hz is unnecessary. Get 1440p. Tbh anything above 144 or even 120 isn’t necessary


If you only play games on your PC, get the 240hz. If you do content creation of any kind (photoshop/premiere etc) or any serious professional work, get the 1440p. Hell, there are some great IPS 1440/165Hz G-Sync monitors out there from people like Viewsonic with some great monitor provenance.

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144hz Its about the max your eyes will see. I’d focus on quality. Quantum dot or other iterations of it.

If that second monitor is actually a TV they like to double what the actual hertz is on their stats So 240 refresh rate = 120hz.

I am a high end PC user and I still stand by my advice. televisions use what’s called refresh rate which you always have to divide in half to get the actual hertz.

1440p 144hz monitor. This is what I use and I love it.

People often say the black bars are annoying, is overwatch smooth at that res?

Not sure what you mean by that. 1440p is 16:9 res and OW can run up to 300fps so will support any frame rate that any monitor on the market supports.

240 hz, not even a question at this point


both 24’?


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I went from 120 to 240 recently and it made a pretty noticable difference. Not so much in reaction times, but increased smoothness. I can make rapid turns now and still see what is going on still, a lot clearer.

As for 1440p, I’d say it depends on what your preference and goals are. If you want top notch competitive edge, 240 all the way. If you just want a pretty picture, a1440 ips or quantum dot can’t be beat. Also size matters, 1440 on a 24" screen won’t get you much, but on a 27" or 32" and you’ll see a big difference.

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please read up before giving random advice through gut feeling and believing to remember.

144Hz 1440p= you go for more clarity and visual fidelity. It might help with visual acuity though not much. Your overall experience won’t change much for gaming. Simply will look cleaner and a (tiny) bit more responsive than 120Hz 1080p

240Hz 1080p = you get a decent response boost but not of the same level as when going from 60 to 120. The law of diminishing returns applys here. Personally I would go for this option if you don’t need the resolution for something else like work. Higher refreshrates help with eye-strain.

I rock a 144Hz 1440p monitor but opt to not go for the native resolution of my monitor for the extra fps (even though my monitor can’t display them) The question you have to ask yourself is if you prefer a smoother or clearer experience both are viable.

  1. TVs aren’t monitors. OP isn’t stupid and your point that you would have to devide advertisement by 2 is false as well. Some TVs advertise with "1110Hz etc, those aren’t actual image refreshes but repetitions of images in addition to the artificial inflation of frame counts by approximating in between frames. This also increases input laag a lot and exists for the TELEVISION market. We are talking about monitors.

  2. It has been proven numerous times that the brain doesn’t seem to operate by refreshing whatever it sees X times per second. The last report I bothered checking flashed an image for 1ms (1kHz if you so want) to combat pilots. They’ve been able to discern the exact jet that has been flashed. So eyes can discern the difference.

  3. You genuinely only said: watch out TVs aren’t actual operating at this refreshrate and that apparently the eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  4. What does you having a remotely good computer have to do with be being knowledgeable. Buying the most expensive gear won’t make you an expert.

My question would be if you play things more GPU intensive than Overwatch…?

Because when something akin to The Witcher 3 comes out next year, I vastly prefer 1440p @ 144hz / gsync to 1080p 240Hz. If you’re only concerned about competitive games and maxing out your FPS, do the 240hz


If you widow main go highest Refresh. If not. well, anything above 144hz isn’t necessary :slight_smile:

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I suggest doing what I did, 1080p 240hz monitor for competitive gaming, and OLED 4k tv for more cinematic games. A bit expensive but so worth it!


240hz, its overkill but its soooooo buttery smooth


Honestly if you’re having issues with smoothness when doing 180’s and stuff then go for the 240. I currently have a 1440 144 and honestly have no issues at all, but i’m old and my eyesight sucks. Kappa

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I would go for 1440p 144hz. Some people don’t see much difference between 144hz and 240hz, it’s impossible to know if this is your case or not, but (almost) everybody notice the difference between 1080p and 1440p.

240 Hz easly. You won’t benefit from 1440p ingame, but you will from 240 Hz.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s input, I’m indeed more inclined for the extra responsiveness but was concerned wether or not going from 120 to 240hz would be
Noticeable enough.

On the other hand 1440p could be a great visual upgrade whilst maintaining current responsiveness so Its tempting!

Since Currently overwatch is pretty much the only thing I play seriously atm and beefy frame rates is pretty much what I built my pc for back in mid 2017 im willing to give 240hz a shot.

Your comments made me realize that either way both solutions are great!

Still, itd be nice to hear more from more players that play @240 hz!