240hz vs 1440p help me decide! 😄

Always go for what is going to provide the smoother gameplay if you’re into FPS’s. The higher frequency monitor does that since you’re not being limited by gpu.

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I whold pick… 1440p 144hz

Thank goodness you’re here to tell everyone what’s what. I’ll just go back to using my $8,000 computer that I built and you can teach him everything he needs to know.

240 hertz will not reduce eye strain significantly but getting a blue light filter in your glasses or if you don’t wear glasses Gunnar glasses will get you the same result but significantly cheaper.

Also the basic rule is the higher your resolution is the shorter life span your video card has at max graphics.

Thanks King, before you commented I didnt really consider a TV in the equation nor special glasses so every opinion is helpful now matter how expensive the build xD

Prolly later down the road getting a high quality tv for cinematic games is a great way to go!

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The difference between 144 and 240 aren’t nearly appreciable enough to give up the extra real estate.

I mean. I can barely even tell the difference between 165 and 60 anymore (used to be really obvious), but you do you if you like all them extra frames. I don’t think the low graphics settings are worth it for that, though.

If you’re in the market for a high budget monitor. Nvidia is just now releasing their brand new g-sync boards (it’s like a motherboard for the monitor) now through summer. Around that time Samsung should be releasing their g-sync quantum dot curved monitors.

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That almost makes you sound stupider. Sure you may know the ins and outs of your hardware, but holy forking sheep is $8000 a ridiculous amount to spend on a computer. You can build a nice computer for $1000. I think over $3000 and you’re getting into overkill territory. $8000 and you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to handle money responsibly. Sure, you can always get the best performance if you’re willing to throw money at it, but then you’re missing the point of this thread. If he had more money to throw at it, I’m sure this guy could get a 240Hz 1440p monitor anyway, but he’s trying to find what has the best value for him at his price point.

You can personally attack me on the forums which is a reportable offense or you can help him out the choice is yours.

If anyone is curious why I have a $8,000 computer it’s because I edit 4K videos and photos. I prefer not to wait a small eternity for my videos/photos to process.

My hero! :heart_eyes:

Ok. I apologize for using the words stupid and idiot.
My personal opinion on OP’s problem would be to go for 240 Hz,

But still, responding to someone saying that having expensive equipment doesn’t necessarily make you more knowledgeable by saying “lol ok i’ve got an $8000 computer so there” doesn’t really help your argument.

I’d stick with 1080p myself also because your video card lifespan is maximized at that resolution. 240hz may not be achievable on all games though but your desktop will always display at 240hz which reduces eye strain for web browsing, documents, excetera…

Oh and Nvidia has a option to force 4k resolution on 1080p monitors. You will find this in video options on Nvidia control panel. It won’t be a 4k monitor but it will simulate one.

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1440 144h g sync.

When you have the money to spare and computing/gaming is your hobby, $8000 is really not that much. Yes you can build a nice computer for $1000 but in a top of the line rig $1000 can may not even buy you the CPU or a single video card. You shouldn’t judge someone you don’t know about how he spends his money.

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That option is just doing supersampling which is basically fancy antialiasing.

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You building a pc for 8k doesn’t add any more value to your “advice”.
What is important isn’t to know what cutting edge tech exists but how it affects things and how things work together.

OP asked what would be more worthwhile:
1440p 144Hz or 1080p 240Hz
Answer: Depends on your needs.
The question isn’t about what parts he owns or whatever, he did his research and asked for a general opinion.

Just don’t pretend to know something if you don’t. The original post of yours questioned the effectiveness of more Hz according to pseudo anatomy and questioned the existence of such monitors or at least his ability to discern between real and artificial 240Hz

144hz is already a huge jump from 60hz. Time now to catch up with 1440p, cause 1080p is pathetic.

240hz is really good if you play more competitively, but go with 1440p if you do things like video/photo editing.

Not sure where you get off questioning me like that but I believe I’ve answered his questions more or less by giving him not the answer of which is better but why each one is good.

It’s not like you have a license to tell people they’re wrong and I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with whether I’m wrong or right because this is the forums for OverWatch not an I T forum.

He never stated his experience with Hardware so I was covering all the bases but if calling me stupid makes you feel good about yourself than go crazy.

240 Hz for more frames, if you have the PC to get there.

I’m running a 2k monitor myself, and it causes a lot more problems than I would like it to, especially when trying to play other games.

Either you mean something else than 1440p or you are misinformed. 1440p is 2560x1440 which has the exact same aspect ratio as 1080p or 1920x1080. There are no black bars and it’s 100% supported.

Personally I have 1440p 165hz monitor. 240hz might be better but 165 is already really nice and 1080p makes my eyes bleed after looking at 1440p. It’s just a horrible year 2010 resolution. The next upgrade for me is going to be 4k 144+hz and it won’t be soon as the hardware itself isn’t good enough to run that with any good settings.

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