"2022 has more planned legendaries than any other year"

Really. Uh-huh. That sounds true. Totally.


Consider that they are probably talking about whatever legendaries are coming with OW2.


They count recolors as legendaries


It’s the classic Blizzard Bait and Switch. They’ve done this countless times. The moment I heard the declaration, I was waiting to find out how it would turn out to be false. Here it is.

I think what’s most disappointing about it is the disdain it shows for their user base. More than good news, people want honest news. Everyone who has stuck around this long doesn’t need hype to be interested, they need communication. As a whole, the company seems incapable of that.


You guys realize that if you assume every event’s legendaries are replaced by recolors, that’s still on par with previous years. That means there’s obviously more coming.


How can people be so dumb as not to get this? They are talking about OW2 and all the legendary skins that will come with the release. Seriously, how do you not get it? It was so obvious when they said it. There is no other explanation possible.


Oh honey, you still think OW2 is real.


So sad people still saying this with a beta coming. It’s like pitbull owners - blinded by brainwashing themselves.


Just as a quick reminder, AndyB has recently elaborated on his past comment in other threads:

With that in mind, please continue to post any constructive criticism and feedback. I am at least taking time to read it and will do what I can to elevate it where I can.


Oh honey, you for some reason think other AAA titles aren’t in development for at least as long as OW2 has so far.

They aren’t, though. Not when they are “sequels” to already established games and are 99% similiar to the previous game…


They most definitely are. Most big titles, including even sequels are like a minimum of 3-5 years. Games that appear to have sequels more frequently either have enormous dev teams or are done on a rotating cycle. For example, call of duty is made by several different studios and they often have two or even three games in the series in development at all times.

I’m hoping these are not future ow2 store skins

Edit: Planned is also vague, lots of planned content is never released.

“what I told you was true, from a certain point of view. You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

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Planned, not promised, guaranteed, or expected, details mah boy, details.

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I mean OW2 is releasing in beta in a couple weeks following that every hero in the game will have a new skin. So like it’s was more or less a tease that OW2 was coming soon, more then anything.

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Owh sweet baby boy.
If you think OW2 will be released this year then I pity your innocence.

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Probably 2 actually unique legendaries with a recolor each for a total of 4 legendaries.
So multiply that for each hero we have so technically that is a lot lol.

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We’re only at the beginning of April…

Closed beta for a few players.


I actually believe, you know why? Cause they want to rush “OW2” out in 2022 and that means adjusting all the existing skins to run with the “new engine”. So all the Bastion skins now working with his cannon ult and such. So yeah, that’s technically more skins than any year before. And given that PvE has already been split from OW2 and any kind of betas usually show up relatively shortly before game launches, I wouldn’t be surprised. And then you get PvE for free in 2027 if you already have OW2 by that point.

Yeah, you keep thinking OW2 is gonna launch with 420 new legendary skins. They’re talking about giving skins in the games new lighting effects or something.