"2022 has more planned legendaries than any other year"

Don’t think I’ve ever thought OW2 was gonna launch with 420 legendary skins tbh. That’d be pretty crazy.

But to release with a number of legendaries that would count towards an amount that is larger than any year prior? Yeah should seem pretty damn likely for anybody with a thinking brain, especially since basically the entire team (Which is apparently much larger than it was for OW1) is working on the game.

I swear if this OW2 thing turns out to be garbage…

Doesn’t matter if the team is bigger if they pull tricks like adbvertizing recolors as “exciting new skins”. It’s technically new, but in the absolute minimum meaning of the word. So they’re totally gonna do that with “2” as well. All the redesigns are probably gonna be counted as new skins, old skins remodeled for the new engine are gonna count and OWL teams’ skins are probably be in this pile as well.

i don’t understand why people are assuming this wasn’t about OW2.

Obviously we got these recolours because they are all working on OW2. So what would the OW2 skin team be working on if not new legendaries? :thinking:

I’d argue that they’re default skins, not legendary but whatever.

Zero sense there but sure.

Also not legendary skins.

I have said it before, the only way this claim holds true is if they 100% release OW2.0 PVP to the public before the year ends. Which would line up with a few past statements like them also claiming that they never ruled 2022 out for a release date. To me, though it has been ruled out, the PvE is not coming until 2023 or later lol.


Beta is in a about 20 days, and that will be rolling in and out all year in waves. And in turn act as our content updates like the original OW beta did.

So ya in a sense OW2 will be out this month. that and their isn’t much reason to turn the beta off, and instead just update it.

Even if it is just the new ow skin, that is 30+ unique skins right their. On top of the new ones provided by the new heroes that will have the 4 legendary skin treatment.

It’s not an “OW2 beta”, it’s a closed beta test of a PvP part of the game

And what the PVP isn’t going to have skins :roll_eyes:

Also believe it or not the PVP 5v5 stuff was intended for an OW2 release acting as the OW2 version of the PVP.

splitting it up doesn’t really change that fact.

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The fact is that blizzard is trying to gaslight their playerbase into thinking that half-baked closed beta without the main promised feature of OW2 somewhat compensates for three years of neglect


Or you know the pandemic that has caused major delays in all companies, and a slow down production line in others. At least those willing to admit it like valve, but they have the benefit of not having to deal with shareholders as a private business.

But hey theirs definitely no reason why games that were started in around 2019/20 are pushing their games back an extra year or two.

That and bobby from up top decided to pull resources away from OW2 to make more OW content, just to force the team to scrap such and focus back on OW2.

Like beleive it or not game development is hard, things will most likely not work out the way you wanted the first ~ third time around. While bits and pieces get moved around between heroes, reworked to do different things, or just flat out scraped or vaulted till they can use it latter.

(Ana was originally a flamethrower styled Alchemist, that used area of effect sprays/gas. Lucio’s original ult was a time stop/slow that would affect all players except himself, which was reworked into the slow down effect that happens at the end of the game. While Hammons original sonic spindash ability and duel weilding flame thrower so far has been completely scraped)

And the slow down and heavily delayed development by forcing everyone to move to WFH. When the company most likely didn’t exactly have plans for such, didn’t exactly help such.


And this means that cancelling the main feature of OW2 is okay?

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They didn’t cancel it, they pushing it back on the burner to get PVP online. Then once that’s done go back and finish the PVE stuff.

Or instead, they could continue to do both at the same time does pushing both back even further.

Like plans have changed, they need something for the here and know while they finish up their major selling point.

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There’s no indication on when does that happen and if it happens at all.
Between the “split release” and the whole Archives debacle, I have zero hope that the real OW2 will ever see the light of day

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I mean were seeing the beta for half of it in about 20 days.

And Oh my the art team actually made OW1 content! I can’t believe it almost like they told use their not going to support this game in major way anymore. And are still giving it content while working on the new game.

Like it or not OW1 is not their priority, OW2 pvp is. Once that is done, and the content updates begin like they always had. We would be able to then move back to getting hyped for the OW2 major selling point.

it’s almost like that even a multi-million dollar project is expensive to maintain, and they don’t have resources to be stretched out over three different projects. Without either being slow downed, or pushing their budget well passed the profit in year of release point.

Like the normal american programmer should be making 30,000 a year if not more. Taking that as an average, and the 200 or so employees they announced to have on the project.
is a whooping $6,000,000 a year in paychecks alone. Of course their is senior staff that a tad more of that, and others a tad below in other departments.

but like they need to release something now, otherwise their bleeding money.

This “beta” is a complete joke without PvE

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Well it’s either this or we wait another year or so plus for any content what so ever, while both are being produced at the same time. Or play the PVP beta when it comes out, and join in on the new heroes, maps, and game mode that will come with it. PVE is still coming, it just needs more time to cook. If you don’t like this decision, well you don’t have to play the PVP.

Their are literally thousands of PVE styled games accessible right now to via console, PC, or even mobile if you want to stream your games.

“well you don’t have to play the PVP.“
Well that’s what I’ve been doing for years now but apparently the only event I still care about has been cancelled with no explanation so I can’t even play PvE anymore

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the PVE events are being cycled through the arcade at the moment, so you have to wait for them to pop up.

But then again, if the short hand PVE game modes are teh only thing you cared about in OW, I think you need to find a different game entirely M8.

As you only getting what you want like a month or two out of the year at most.