2017 Player Icon (Hat) isn't in Winter Lootboxes?

This is the 2017 hat icon – https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/overwatch_gamepedia/2/22/PI_2017.png?version=ee8ae8c2a7b7cd72f114d6b8e54b89e5

According to the usual Overwatch info sources, this player icon is supposed to be found in Winter Wonderland lootboxes, yet it isn’t…

I’m receiving duplicates despite having this icon locked.

I played in all Winter events (2016-2018). Was this exclusive to the 2016/2017 Winter Lootboxes?

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Pretty sure it was. You can’t get stuff from events you didn’t log into during that event time.

I did log into the event.


… It may have bugged out then. I dunno.

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OP, I’m pretty sure Blizz gave out like, 5 loot boxes for the new year, and the icon came with.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this icon is available anymore.

Yeah same for me; i was definitely logged in and never got it. Feels bad.

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Danke schön

I remember, I received those lootboxes… I’ve been around at every single event.

This icon isn’t available anymore, I swear it.

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I think this year you get the 2019 hat, the other ones are exclusives for last years’ events. 2018 one was exclusive of last year and 2017 one for the year before that

Listen. I can’t stress this enough.


I have the exclusive login icons, I received the 5 lootboxes as a holiday gift each year. I’ve been here in every single event.

The hat icon is earned through lootboxes, and this hat isn’t in the Winter lootbox pool anymore…

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Wait, are you asking why you didn’t get the 2017 hat or this year’s hat?

because its no longer 2017 and its almost 2019. i dont have the 2017 hat icon either but i know its never coming back so youre just gonna have to accept that


The image in the OP is the one in question that isn’t available. It’s locked.


If it was a limited time item, then it should have been a login reward. It should have never been locked behind lootbox RNG.

And since the item wasn’t a login reward, it’s part of the seasonal lootbox pool. Items shouldn’t be removed from seasonal lootbox pools. Ignoring login rewards and competitive icons, all items have been brought back in seasonal lootboxes. It doesn’t make sense to vault this one.

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Been around since launch and have played religiously since, didn’t acquire it. Is it the same for 2018 and 2019 as well?

The 2019 hat icons are still obtainable. I dunno if the 2018 hat is available.

If these hats are limited time rewards, then it should be communicated that they get removed from the loot pool.


I’m pretty sure the 2017 winter event was before the lootbox duplicate improvements; so by terrible luck and the inability to buy the icon, some of us just got bamboozled by rng.

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I do like the idea of having the ability to unlock them if you’ve been around long enough to have acquired them when you could have

yes it does because its not 2017 anymore. what would be the point in unboxing a nearly 2 year old player icon 1 week away from 2019? you need to reaize this isnt a real issue and just go about your day

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It’s from the 2016 Winter Event, so that makes sense.

  • 2016 Winter Wonderland gets you the 2017 hat.
  • 2017 Winter Wonderland gets you 2018 hat.
  • This year’s Winter Wonderland gets you the 2019 hat.

Lootbox duplicates weren’t changed until mid 2017…

Because the item was gated behind RNG before the lootbox duplicate changes.

Meaning that Blizzard KNOWINGLY created a limited time event item, LOCKED it behind RNG, and then VAULTED said item despite a sizable population having participated in the event.

It’s an event reward. People that participated in the event never got it. And then it was removed, despite the devs calming everyone’s concerns about items re-appearing in future events.

If it’s an event reward, it should have been a login reward. Not locked behind RNG.

And even if you like the exclusivity of it, under no circumstances should during any item be advertised as a reward in a loot boxes, and then unannouncedly/unknowingly to everyone in the playerbase removed from the loot pool from future events, especially when all other items stayed in.

If it’s a limited time item locked behind RNG that will be vaulted, that needs to be crystal clear.

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To be honest, I remember that the “2017” New Years hat was originally just a “New Years” hat - with no numberical year associated with it.

I originally had it as well… I also participated in all events, and I have over 119,000 credits and all other unlocks available through traditional loot boxes.

I remember the dev team coming in and “temporarily” disabling the icon, saying that they were going to update it. It then came back with the numberical association, close to around the following year, when they wanted to make it an annual thing. From that point on, when they “temporary disabled / removed the icon” I never had it active in my profile from that point forward.

I don’t remember the exact post, it was on the classic / original OW forums before the move to the new environment. But I really think that’s what happened. I literally always have more than enough loot boxes to cover the event from exp / playing the game. Right now I have excess of over 20+ unopened because they will just be duplicate items, since I have everything unlocked from all events.

I don’t know why the icon was not re-added to the accounts of those who earned it through a loot box, before they decided to associated a numberical year to the graphical icon.

Hope that helps. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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